Pickard, Charles, HM2

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US Navy Veteran (FMF)
Current/Last Rank
Hospital Corpsman Second Class Petty Officer
Current/Last Primary MOS
HM-8404-Field Medical Service Technician
Current/Last MOSGroup
Navy (FMF)
Primary Unit
1969-1970, HM-8404, SERE School, Okinawa/Brunswick, ME
Service Years
1966 - 1970
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Water Survival Basic (WSB)
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Hospital Corpsman Second Class Petty Officer


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US Navy Honorable Discharge Cold War Medal

 Military Association Memberships
Eugene Sara; Detachment 418Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F)Military Order of the Purple Heart3rd Marine Division Association
Marine Corps Together We Served-National Rifle Association (NRA)
  2001, 3rd Battalion 4th Marines
  2003, Marine Corps League, Eugene Sara; Detachment 418 (Immediate Past Golden Rodent) (Billings, Montana) [Verified]
  2003, Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F) [Verified]
  2003, Military Order of the Purple Heart [Verified]
  2003, 3rd Marine Division Association [Verified]
  2006, Marine Corps Together We Served [Verified]
  2018, -National Rifle Association (NRA)

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:
I retired from 3M-Co., with my last assignment being Portland, Or. After a year of retirement living in Portland, my wife and I relocated to Montana, my home state. I enjoy hunting and fishing, and Montana memories of how it used to be drew me back.My family is the most important thing to me, so I look forward to all my visits with my grandkids and kids.
Other Comments:
My 3 years and 9 months of active duty in the Marines and Navy introduced me to some of the best people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I have rubbed shoulders with some very high powered, educated, well informed people from all walks of life. To be sure, my relationships and friendships with people in the military are number # 1 in my book !

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Vietnam War/Counteroffensive Phase IV Campaign (1968)/Operation Kentucky / Battle of Dai Do
Start Year
End Year

Some of the most prolonged and vicious combat of the war opened on 29 April and lasted until 30 May when the 8,000 men of the 320th PAVN Division, backed by artillery from across the DMZ, threatened the U.S. logistical base at Dong Ha, in northwestern Quảng Trị Province.

On 29 April 1968, the 2/4 Marine Battalion Landing Team of the 3rd Marine Division, locked horns with an NVA Division (304th) in the 'ville" of Dai Do on the Cua Viet River 'horseshoe' just south of the DMZ (I Corp RVN). Intelligence had tipped our Forces that an entire NVA Division was in the first stage of a major march to seize and destroy the 3rd Marine Division Headquarters at Dong Ha. The Army’s grunt rifle battalion 3/21st Infantry, 196th LIB (out of the Americal) was attached to the 3rd Marine Division on May 1st to help quell the NVA’s intentions.

The stubbornness of the NVA was stunning (as was always the case), though they out-numbered the US troops three to one. And though the loss of American lives was staggering (one is too many), the courage and the stamina of the Marines and Army was valorous. The campaign was marked by constant bombing and shelling (aerial, land based and Naval Cruiser USS Boston). At several points the US Military powers used experimental 2000 lb bombs, when the village areas (Dai Do, Dinh To, Dong Huan, An Lac, Thuong Do and Nhi Ha) turned into a NVA hornet nest. The 3rd Marines officially list the series of actions as ended on May 15 1968 and labeled it (during Operation Night Owl) as the Battle of Dai Do. The Americal classifed it as a continuance of Operation Napoleon.

In what became known as the Battle of Dai Do, the North Vietnamese clashed savagely with U.S. Marine, Army, and ARVN forces before withdrawing.

List of Casualties:

3d Marines Division- 233 KIA 821 WIA 1 MIA
3/21 Infantry 196th LIB- 29 KIA 130 WIA 1 MIA
Navy TF Clearwater- 15 KIA 22 WIA
ARVN- 42 KIA 124 MIA

NVA- 2945 KIA 47 POW

From the start of the battle, the CO of the Marines 2/24 BLT, LT COL William Weise had great concern about airmobility. He requested that the Army provide helicopter support for resupply, extraction, insertion and medevac. The 174th AHC provided that airmobility for the entire battle. There were three Dolphin Slicks and Crews that accomplished this.
My Participation in This Battle or Operation
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Last Updated:
Oct 26, 2006
Personal Memories

People You Remember
Gunny Phringer, Cpl Paul Bresino, Doc Ballard, Fuzzy Lindberg

Mike Co was lifted in from Khe Sanh Combat Base. We had responsibility for 1900 meters of lines within the Combat Base.We were told we were to bail out Foxtrot 2/4,who had taken a large amount of casualities

Units Participated in Operation

4th Marine Regiment/2nd Bn, 4th Marine Regiment (2/4)

4th Marine Regiment/3rd Bn, 4th Marine Regiment (3/4)

My Photos From This Battle or Operation
No Available Photos

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