Bertling, Gregory J., LCpl

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Current Service Status
USMC Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Lance Corporal
Current/Last Primary MOS
2531-Field Radio Operator
Current/Last MOSGroup
Previously Held MOS
2841-Ground Radio Repairman
8511-Drill Instructor
0811-Field Artillery Cannoneer
0800-Basic Field Artillery Man
0801-Basic Field Artillery Officer
0802-Field Artillery Officer
Primary Unit
1995-2000, 0802, Army National Guard
Service Years
1974 - 1980
Official/Unofficial USMC Certificates
Cold War Certificate

Lance Corporal

One Hash Mark


 Official Badges 

French Fourragere US Army Retired

 Unofficial Badges 

US Marines Corps Honorable Discharge Cold War Medal Order of Saint Barbara

 Military Association Memberships
Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F)Post 347Kettle Moraine; Detachment 12031st Marine Division Association
2nd Marine Division Association3rd Marine Division AssociationMilitary Officers Association of America (MOAA)American Cold War Veterans
  2000, Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F) [Verified]
  2001, American Legion, Post 347 (Member at Large) (Lomira, Wisconsin) [Verified]
  2003, Marine Corps League, Kettle Moraine; Detachment 1203 (Vice Commander) (West Bend, Wisconsin) [Verified]
  2003, 1st Marine Division Association [Verified]
  2004, 2nd Marine Division Association [Verified]
  2005, 3rd Marine Division Association [Verified]
  2008, Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) [Verified]
  2008, American Cold War Veterans [Verified]

 Additional Information

What are you doing now:
Stop and see my fathers page Bertling Sr., David (Mr.B) Sgt.

See my Army profile at:

Also a member of:
The Marine Corps League (LM)
1st Marine Division Association
2nd Marine Division Association(LM)
3rd Marine Division Association(LM)
The American Legion Post 347
United States Field Artillery Association
Marine Corps Association
Wisconsin National Guard Association (LM)
Military Officers Association of America.(LM)
Cold War Veterans Association
84th Division My ribbon bar.


Other Comments:
I was also a member of the Wisconsin Army National Guard for six-teen years. I retired at the rank of Captain and was a member of the 57th FA BDE 1st BN 121st FA at the time they were 155SP but just after I retired they converted into a MLRS BN.
Bde Crest Bn Crest
Shoulder Patch.

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  1995-2000, 0802, Army National Guard

From Month/Year
- / 1995
To Month/Year
- / 2000
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0802-Field Artillery Officer
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Army National Guard
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Last Updated: May 30, 2008
Memories For This Unit

Best Friends
Captain John Passet now Major Passet. If you have not noticed John and I went through the Academy together. John was also the best man at my wedding and is close to making LTC and retirement with twenty plus years of service.

Best Moment
Returning to Btry A 1-121 FA as the Commander and some of the old guys are still there from when I was a Corporal. I had two gentlemen retire from the Guard that year and they said that they stayed in only because it was rumored that I was going to be the Commander and wanted to retire after I took Command because they thought so highly of me.


Chain of Command
LTC Edward C. Schrader Bn Commander (95/98).
Col Harold J. Nevin Jr. Bde Commander (95/96).
Col Ronald A. Luebke Bde Commander (97/98).
MAJ Jeffery J. Clark Bn S3(97/98).
MAJ Timothy R. Schulgen Bn S3 (99/2000).
LTC Steven A, Beyer Bn Commander (99/2000 Marine Veteran).
COL James A. Schiller Bde Commander (99/2000)

Other Memories
Position that I held during this time frame:
Commander Btry A 1-121 FA.
Battalion Liaison Officer HHB 1-121 FA.
Battalion Fire Direction Officer HHB 1-121 FA.

My Photos For This Unit
150 Members Also There at Same Time
Army National Guard

Simpson, Thomas, Sgt, (1967-1973) 8 0802 Colonel
Stevens, Jeffrey, SgtMaj, (1985-2015) 8 0893 Sergeant Major
Beckstrom, T.D., Sgt, (1990-2002) 8 0849 Sergeant
Lamson, Tony, SSgt, (1983-2009) 8 0848 Sergeant
Grilz, Charles, LCpl, (1986-1990) 8 0811 Corporal
Pattyson, Scott, Cpl, (1988-1992) 8 0800 Corporal
Styner, Randy, Cpl, (1987-1991) 8 0811 Corporal
Brissette, Wayne, Cpl, (1985-1997) 00 Other Service Rank
Matthews, P.T., LCpl, (1991-1997) 00 Other Service Rank
Matthews, P.T., LCpl, (1991-1997) 00 Other Service Rank
Taylor, Archie Andrew, SSgt, (1989-2009) 2 Other Service Rank
Zimbelman, Garth, LCpl, (1983-1995) 13 1371 Other Service Rank
Noteboom, James, Col, (1968-2007) 44 4402 Colonel
Wilson, Perry, GySgt, (1968-1979) 4 0410 Major
Gamble, C. Don, Capt, (1969-1979) 75 7565 Captain
Brady, David, Sgt, (1981-Present) 3 First Lieutenant
MacDowell, Patrick, Maj, (1981-1987) 30 3002 First Lieutenant
Salau, Ed, SSgt, (1988-2000) 3 0302 First Lieutenant
Golab, Theodore, CWO3, (1966-2008) 75 7567 Chief Warrant Officer 3
Smith, Gary Lee, Sgt, (1981-2017) 21 2120 Chief Warrant Officer 3
Balderama, Denise, CWO2, (1981-2001) 44 4430 Chief Warrant Officer 2
Bennett, Robert, Cpl, (1969-1975) 1 0193 Chief Warrant Officer 2
Steffes, Randy, CWO2, (1979-1997) Chief Warrant Officer 2
Bowling, Joel, Sgt, (1985-1991) 4 0411 Warrant Officer
Burnett, Walt (Buddy), SSgt, (1986-2007) 13 1379 First Sergeant
Knarian, William, SgtMaj, (1979-Present) 3 0311 First Sergeant
Rossi, John, SSgt, (1979-2001) 18 1841 First Sergeant
Henson, Adam, MSgt, (1986-1996) 99 9999 Master Sergeant
Walter, Daniel, MSgt, (1978-1996) 26 2691 Master Sergeant
Adams, John, GySgt, (1967-2003) 25 2591 Gunnery Sergeant
Adams, John, GySgt, (1967-2003) 2 0291 Gunnery Sergeant
Adams, John, GySgt, (1967-2003) 61 6114 Gunnery Sergeant
Foster, Damon, LCpl, (1993-1997) 3 0311 Gunnery Sergeant
Hunter, James, PFC, (1968-1974) 13 1371 Gunnery Sergeant
Indalecio-BLEND, Rose Sharon, Cpl, (1987-1991) 8411 Gunnery Sergeant
Lankert, Charles, Sgt, (1981-1991) 2 0211 Gunnery Sergeant
Schwankert, Jr., A.J., SSgt, (1981-1994) 8411 Gunnery Sergeant
Spencer, Bryan, Sgt, (1994-1998) 3 0311 Gunnery Sergeant
Thomas, Perry, Sgt, (1981-2015) 0 8651 Gunnery Sergeant
Anderson, Brad, Sgt, (1982-1987) 3 0321 Staff Sergeant
Branche,Jr, Russell, SSgt, (1987-2006) 18 1812 Staff Sergeant
Bruns, Terry, Cpl, (1990-2010) 00 0A Staff Sergeant
Carradine, Paul, Sgt, (1984-2000) 35 3529 Staff Sergeant
Crandall, Chris, SSgt, (1992-Present) 3 0311 Staff Sergeant
Eubanks, Dallas, Sgt, (1983-1986) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
Evans, Maurice, Cpl, (1979-Present) 13 1345 Staff Sergeant
Frink, David, SSgt, (1964-1999) 59 5993 Staff Sergeant
Gray, Michael, Cpl, (1988-1993) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
Howell, Steve, PFC, (1981-1984) 3 0300 Staff Sergeant
Indalecio-BLEND, Rose Sharon, Cpl, (1987-1991) 1 0151 Staff Sergeant
Krey, Ted, LCpl, (1986-2008) 58 5811 Staff Sergeant
Michael, Thomas, Sgt, (1992-1998) 40 4066 Staff Sergeant
SMITH, RAY, Cpl, (1993-1997) 58 5803 Staff Sergeant
Stephens, James, GySgt, (1977-2012) 8411 Staff Sergeant
Sucameli, Angelo, Cpl, (1977-1988) 3 0311 Staff Sergeant
Abbamonte, Joe, Sgt, (1989-1995) 3 0311 Sergeant
Anderson, David, Sgt, (1984-1995) 3 0313 Sergeant
Billings, Henry, LCpl, (1982-1986) 30 3013 Sergeant

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