Ammerman, David, Capt

Audit, Finance And Accounting
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Current Service Status
USMCR Active
Current/Last Rank
Current/Last Primary MOS
3404-Financial Management Officer
Current/Last MOSGroup
Audit, Finance And Accounting
Previously Held MOS
9910-Billet Designator-Unrestricted Officer
3401-Basic Financial Management Officer
Primary Unit
2011-2013, 3404, Marine Corps Test and Evaluation Agency (MCOTEA), Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC)
Service Years
2006 - 2013
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Official/Unofficial USMC Certificates
Order of the Rock Certificate
Suez Canal Certificate
Persian Excursion
Marine Combat Water Survival 2nd Class (CWS-2)
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Gray Belt

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American Society of Military Comptrollers
  2009, American Society of Military Comptrollers [Verified]
  2010, Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F) [Verified]

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  2008-2008, 3404, 26th MEU

From Month/Year
April / 2008
To Month/Year
December / 2008
26th MEU Unit Page
Second Lieutenant
3404-Financial Management Officer
United States
 26th MEU Details

26th MEU
HQ/Command Elements
Parent Unit
Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU)
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Not Specified

Last Updated: Jun 9, 2010
Memories For This Unit

Best Friends
Maj Vitkovitsky
Capt Sportsman
Capt Nawrocki
Capt Newton
Capt Patrick
1stLt Felix
Lieutenant Davis (USN)
SSgt Byrd
SSgt Tunnell
Sgt Vallejo
Sgt Gilliam
Sgt Erickson
Sgt Mills
Sgt Harris
Sgt Harris
Cpl Wright
Cpl Bautista

Best Moment
Getting to play Sup-O for a week in Indiana
Visiting Wright Pat AFB, by way of Cincinnati
Ang visiting at the completion of RUT in Indiana
Helping recover from tornados and flooding in Indiana
Ship exercises
Sgt Mills bringing chocolate ice cream into the TACLOG
Go-carts in Bahrain
Smoking in Saudi Arabia
building palets of bottled water in Saudi Arabi
Sharing some local cuisine with Mohamed after closing out Saudi exercise
Haifa -- too much to drink
Jerusalem tour
Haifa -- almost too much to drink
Wine bar in Dubai
Curry Country
'Sand Storm' - Bahraini long island
a few sand storms + go carts in Bahrain
Expediters' Bahraini crib
Coffee mug 'borrowed' from Officer's Mess
"Big Money Grip"
Italian coke & bruschetta
Everyone speaking Spanish in Italy...
Sangria and pizza in Spain
Chinese food, in Spain
Ang coming to visit during Christmas in Bahrain -- lots of shopping, Krispy Kreme, and more curry (Copper Chiminey for our aniversary)


Chain of Command
CO: Col Sturdevant; Col Desens
XO: LtCol Capdepon
S4: Maj Jones
S4A: Capt Simpson
Supply Officer: Capt Sportsman

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85 Members Also There at Same Time
26th MEU

Brinkley, Ian, Maj, (1996-2007) 75 7502 Major
Cook, Steve, Maj, (1995-Present) 13 1302 Captain
Nawrocki, Brian, Maj, (2000-Present) 6 0602 Captain
Roach, John, Capt, (2001-2008) 58 5803 Captain
Nicholas, Victor, CWO3, (1992-2012) 63 6302 Chief Warrant Officer 2
Waddell, William, MGySgt, (1984-2014) 3 0369 Master Gunnery Sergeant
Dick, John, MGySgt, (1985-2013) 6 0699 Master Sergeant
Nelson, Christopher, MSgt, (1991-2011) 4 0491 Master Sergeant
Paquin, Gary, MGySgt, (1993-Present) 6 0659 Master Sergeant
Barth, Raymond, MSgt, (1995-2016) 3 0369 Gunnery Sergeant
Barth, Raymond, MSgt, (1995-2016) 3 0369 Gunnery Sergeant
Britton, Troy, MSgt, (1993-Present) 3 0369 Gunnery Sergeant
Carter, Khan, GySgt, (1990-2011) 6 0648 Gunnery Sergeant
DeLorge, Leon, MSgt, (1993-Present) 8 0848 Gunnery Sergeant
Dorer, Ingrid, GySgt, (1988-2008) 1 0193 Gunnery Sergeant
Harrison, Stephen, GySgt, (1993-Present) 59 5939 Gunnery Sergeant
Moore, Thomas, MSgt, (1993-2019) 61 6172 Gunnery Sergeant
Nelson, John, MSgt, (1993-Present) 6 0699 Gunnery Sergeant
Procell, Daniel, GySgt, (2003-2011) 3 0317 Gunnery Sergeant
ROSS, STACEY, GySgt, (1991-2012) 1 0111 Gunnery Sergeant
Swan, Ryan, GySgt, (1993-2008) 6 0689 Gunnery Sergeant
Aldamuy, Christopher, SSgt, (1997-2014) 1 0107 Staff Sergeant
Brandt, Mark, SSgt, (1999-Present) 2 0231 Staff Sergeant
Cardin, Louis, SSgt, (2006-2016) 8 0800 Staff Sergeant
Costantino, Keith, SSgt, (2003-Present) 30 3044 Staff Sergeant
Kinsey, Trent, SSgt, (1996-2008) 43 4391 Staff Sergeant
Smith, Brian, SSgt, (2002-2012) 6 0659 Staff Sergeant
Smith, Ryan, GySgt, (1999-Present) 61 6172 Staff Sergeant
Torres, Jose, GySgt, (1999-Present) 2 0211 Staff Sergeant
Trimble, John, SSgt, (1993-2013) 5 0511 Staff Sergeant
Vicente, Michael, GySgt, (1996-Present) 61 6113 Staff Sergeant
WATSON, JARED, SSgt, (2000-Present) 61 6172 Staff Sergeant
Whitwell, Bradley, SSgt, (1992-Present) 8 0811 Staff Sergeant
Altman, Frank, Sgt, (2005-2014) 6 0656 Sergeant
Apongan, Anthony, Sgt, (1998-Present) 6 0621 Sergeant
Dudley, Thomas, SSgt, (2000-2011) 61 6172 Sergeant
Epps, Christopher, Sgt, (2001-2008) 58 5811 Sergeant
Ericson, Jeremy, Sgt, (2000-Present) 4 0431 Sergeant
Ericson, Jeremy, Sgt, (2000-Present) 4 0431 Sergeant
Grover, Chester, Sgt, (2004-Present) 6 0651 Sergeant
Hartman, Lucas, Cpl, (2001-Present) 35 3521 Sergeant
Heite, Robert, SSgt, (2003-Present) 70 7041 Sergeant
Holiday, Wesley, Sgt, (2003-Present) 28 2844 Sergeant
Huang, Kuan, Sgt, (2004-2008) 6 0612 Sergeant
Kennedy, John, SSgt, (2002-Present) 3 0311 Sergeant
Kilmer, Jr., Bernard, SSgt, (2003-2011) 2 0261 Sergeant
Lightner, William, SSgt, (2002-Present) 23 2336 Sergeant
Loveless, Christopher, Sgt, (2002-2008) 35 3531 Sergeant
Moreno, Daniel, Sgt, (2005-2008) 6 0622 Sergeant
Reed, Jesse, SSgt, (2001-Present) 61 6173 Sergeant
Reeves, Andrew, Sgt, (1998-Present) 3 0311 Sergeant
Reynolds, Richard, Sgt, (2003-2014) 66 6672 Sergeant
Rogers, Mike, Sgt, (2000-2008) 3 0311 Sergeant
Strickland, Thomas, Sgt, (2006-Present) 3 0311 Sergeant
Van Dame, Kenneth, Sgt, (2006-2014) 6 0621 Sergeant
Waldrep, Will, Sgt, (2003-2008) 63 6315 Sergeant
Bauman, Aaron, CWO2, (2005-Present) 6 0656 Corporal
Heath, Heather, Sgt, (2007-Present) 6 0621 Corporal
Hoover, Bobby, Sgt, (2006-Present) 6 0622 Corporal

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