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OFF Abbot, Edward William, CAPT -Deceased  OFF Abbott, Ben, LT
OFF Abdullah, Joseph (Joey), LTJG 10 OFF Abel, Edward Glen, Jr., LCDR -Deceased 
OFF Abele, Mannert Lincoln (Jim), LCDR -Fallen  13 Abell, Andy, Maj
OFF Abercrombie, Laurence (Navy Cross 3X), RADM -Deceased  OFF Achee, Jamie, LCDR 3
OFF Ackerman, Edward, LCDR -Fallen  OFF Ackman, Kerri, ENS 
75 Acosta, Michael (Ponch), Maj 1 OFF Adair, Charles L. (Ret.), RADM -Deceased 
03 Adair, Hugh Donald, Jr., 2ndLt -Fallen  OFF Adair, Jr., Noah, CAPT -Deceased 
OFF Adams, Carlton Rolla, RADM -Deceased  OFF Adams, Chris, LCDR
OFF Adams, Jeremy (Jer), LCDR OFF Adams, Jim (Jim), CAPT
OFF Adams, John Clausel, Jr., LTJG -Fallen  OFF Adams, Richard C., CAPT -Deceased 
OFF Adams, Samuel, LT -Fallen  OFF Adams, Thomas Mullen (Tom), LT -Fallen 
OFF Adams, Timothy (Tim), CDR 99 Adams, Wayne H, BGen -Deceased 
Adams-Simmons, Amanda Barrett (Barre), LT OFF Adamson, Robert, Jr. (Rojo / DSM), VADM -Deceased 
Adcock, Rick, LT 60 Addessi, Gilda (Gilly), Capt
03 Adeyemi, Olugbenro (Ben), Capt -Deceased  FC Adkins, Brian, PO1 3
OFF Adkins, James Alvin (Catty), CDR -Deceased  OFF Adkisson, Gregory, CAPT 
OFF Adler, Jordan (jarule), ENS OFF Adler, Jordan, LT
OFF Agamaite, James (Aggie), LT  OFF Ahrens, John, LT
OFF Aiau, Harvey Chadwick K, LCDR -Fallen  OFF Ailes, Robert H., RADM -Deceased 
OFF Ainsworth, Walden Lee, VADM -Deceased  OFF Akers, Frank P., RADM -Deceased 
13 Akin, Perry, Capt 1 OFF Akins, Scott, LCDR
75 Akiyama, Bruce (Banzai), Maj CTM Alagona, Ronnie, PO1
99 Albano, Michael (Mike), Col OFF Albaugh, Kurt (Kurt), LT 9
OFF ALBAUGH, Lisa (Wang), LT 1 00 Albert, Samuel (Sam), Mid 11
OFF Alcocer, William (Bob), LCDR 5 OFF Aldern, Donald Deane, CAPT -Fallen 
OFF Aldrich, Jr., James (Jim/Woody), CAPT  OFF Ales, Michael (Mike), LT 
08 Alexander, Brian (BT), LtCol  OFF Alexander, Cathy, CDR
OFF Alexander, Earl (Alex), CDR OFF Alexander, George, CAPT -Deceased 
OFF Alexander, Randy, LCDR 04 Alfano, John, 1stLt
OFF Alford, T, LT OFF Alford, Zeb, CAPT -Deceased 
OFF Allan, Halle Charles, Jr., CAPT -Deceased  OFF Alleman, Lew, CDR 17
MM Allen, David (UponMetalWings), Mid 43 OFF Allen, Edward Henry, LT -Fallen 
OFF Allen, Eric, Jr., LTJG -Fallen  OFF Allen, Layton (Skip), CDR
00 Allen, Max -Deceased  OFF Allen, Peyton, CDR
OFF Allen, Philip, LCDR -Deceased  OFF Allen, Robert Walker, LT -Fallen 
25 Allen, Timothy, 1stLt  OFF Allmond, Jonathan, LT 
OFF Alota, Gervy (COACH), LCDR OFF Alpigini, Robert (BGB), LCDR 
OFF Alston, Augustus Howard, Jr., LCDR -Fallen  OFF Altamar, Hernan (H), CAPT 4
OFF Althouse, Michael (Coach), LCDR  OFF Alvarez, Jesse, LT 
99 Alves, Edward R., LtCol -Deceased  OFF Ambrogi, Paul (Vinny), LT -Deceased 
OFF Amburgey, Lawrence Maxon (Tom), LTJG -Fallen  Ames, Sullivan Dorr, CDR -Deceased 
OFF Amiaga, Steve (K-Mart, Mr. "A"), LT  OFF Amirault, Thomas, LT 
OFF Amodeo, Anthony (Falco), LT Amos, Michael, LCDR
03 Amyx, Terry (Crusher), LtCol 03 Andberg, Brent, Capt
OFF Anders, Arthur (Tex), CDR -Deceased  OFF Anders, Martin (Razor), LT 13
OFF Anders, Robert Leroy, LT -Fallen  200 Anders, William Alison (Bill), Maj Gen -Assisted 
OFF Andersen, Richard Francis, Jr., LT -Deceased  OFF Anderson Jr., George, ADM -Deceased 
Anderson, Alister -Sought  CH Anderson, Alister, COL -Sought 
OFF Anderson, Craig (Professor), CDR 99 Anderson, Donald (Andy), Col 1
OFF Anderson, Edward Lee (Swede), CAPT -Deceased  OFF Anderson, Edwin Alexander (MOH), ADM -Deceased 

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