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Apr 19 - Apr 22, 2015: 1st Bn 9th Marines, 3rd Mar Div (FMF) Gunny Burns Memorial  More Details
1st Battalion, 9th Marines Association
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1stBattalion, Ninth Marines Network Inc.
66 Clinton Street
Meriden, CT 06450



  • To preserve the memory and deeds of the 1st Battalion 9th Marines.

  • To pay tribute and remember the Marines and Corpsmen who served bravely and gallantly with the 1st Battalion 9th Marines.

  • To honor the memory of those Marines and Corpsmen who gave their lives so that their Brothers would return home safely.

  • To ensure that the limited amount of information provided is both credible and accurate.

  • To promote the ideas and principles of the United States Marine Corps.

  • To ensure that the Corpsmen who served with the 1st Battalion 9th Marines know how important and respected they were to their Marines

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89 Enrolled 0 Eligible All Members
03 Ainsworth, John M, Jr., PFC -Fallen  03 Averitte, William Clayton, Cpl -Fallen 
03 Barillo, Joseph William, Cpl -Fallen  03 Barrera, Gilberto, PFC -Fallen 
03 Bossong, Frank William, PFC -Fallen  25 Brown, David, LCpl 164
99 Christenson Sr, Alan (Carl), SgtMaj -Deceased  21 Clement, Currie (Clem), MSgt 7
03 Colegate, William Karl, PFC -Fallen  Collison, Bruce (Doc Collison), HM2 81
03 Cruz, Frank, LCpl -Fallen  03 Darnell, Dana Cornell, LCpl -Fallen 
03 Didia, Joseph, Sgt 34 East, Bill (Doc), HMCS
02 Elliott, Ray, MSgt 35 Erickson, Caleb Lane, LCpl -Fallen 
75 EUE, WILLIAM C, 1stLt 03 Fenn, David Paul, II, LCpl -Deceased 
25 Flores, Julio (The Kid), LCpl 8 04 Flumerfelt, Bill, GySgt 
02 Freeman, John (Little Eagle), SSgt 5 03 French, Craig, Cpl 1
03 Gallagher, William Joseph (Bill), PFC -Fallen  03 Galle, Joshua (Kentucky Colonel, Honorary Aide-de-camp), Cpl 62
58 Gavaldon, Frank, SSgt  21 Goutremout, Lowell, Jr. (Gator), Maj 4
03 Grant, Christopher O'Bryan, LCpl -Fallen  33 Green, Joseph (Cpl USMC Retired), Cpl 29
68 Halverson, Lee, Sr., Capt  03 Hartman, Daryl (lucky106), Cpl 
58 Jackman, Ken, SSgt 1 03 Lindblom, Carl, Jr., LCpl 10
03 Lucas, John, Cpl 11 03 Lunday II, William, MSgt 
03 Manning, David Lawrence (Wamba), LCpl -Fallen  03 Martino, Joshua Michael, LCpl -Deceased 
26 Mathis, Lewis, Jr. (Cotton), MGySgt 03 Medeiros, William Correia, LCpl -Fallen 
03 Meerdink, George, Jr., Capt -Fallen  03 Miramontez, Enrique (Henry), Cpl -Fallen 

Eligible Units
1st Bn, 9th Marine Regiment (1/9)

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