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United States Field Artillery Association
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PO Box 33027 - Bldg 758 McNair Avenue - Fort Sill, OK 73503
Phone 580.355.4677 Toll-free 866.355.4677
Fax 580.355.8745


The Early Days
The idea for an association that would unite the gunners of the newly created Field Artillery Branch resulted from the discussions of Colonel Montgomery M. Macomb, Commander of the 6th Field Artillery, and his Adjutant, Captain William J. Snow. As these two distinguished artillerymen took their early morning rides at Fort Riley, Kansas, they spoke of an organization that would promote the Field Artillery and enhance the professionalism of Artillerymen. Fortunately, these men were not just idle dreamers; they made things happen. Early in the spring of 1907, Captain Snow set out to make the Association a reality.


Direct Reporting All Chapters  
Old Breed Chapter (Camp Pendleton, CA) COL Robert R. McCormick Chapter (Ft. Sheridan, IL)
Bluegrass Chapter (Frankfort, KY) Swift and Bold Chapter (Ft. Drum, NY)
Rolling Rifles Chapter (Camp Lejeune, NC) Backbone Chapter (Fort Sill, OK)
LTG Richard Trefry Chapter (Fort Sill, OK) OCS Alumni Chapter (Fort Sill, OK)
Leatherneck Chapter (Quantico, VA)

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79 Enrolled 0 Eligible All Members
08 Adams, William S, LCpl 66 08 Alger, David (David), Capt 
06 Alger,Jr, Franklin (Preacher), GySgt 9 99 Anderson, Phillip (PJ), SgtMaj 87
08 Arico, Joseph (Joe), LtCol 4 08 Avenetti, Quint, CWO5 7
08 Baez, Jose, MSgt  08 Baker, Marcus (Bake), Sgt 24
08 Banks, Jonathan, MGySgt 1 99 Bass, Harold (Harry), Col 1
08 Beutz, Dean, MGySgt 40 08 Boldin, Billy (Bull), MSgt 60
08 Boughton, Lawrence, SSgt  00 Bradley, Dennis (Brad), SgtMaj 173
08 Byron, Wayne (Gunny), GySgt 08 Carter, James (Hoot), LtCol 187
08 Colvin, Mark, MSgt 24 08 [Name Withheld] 15
08 Currie, Willie, MGySgt  58 Devine, Daniel, Sgt 
08 Diaz, Richard, MGySgt 8 08 Duncan, Travis, 1stLt 
00 Duplessis, Brian (None), Col 37 08 Ford, Stephen, Maj 2
08 Fox, Richard, Sgt 29 04 Garcia, Daniel, MGySgt
80 Gillis, Alexander, MSgt 08 Hackett, Pete, Maj 6
08 Hallett, Robert, LtCol 08 Harvey, David (Harv), Maj 4
08 Harvey, James (Mike), Maj 2 60 Hirsch, Randall (rehirsch), Sgt 33
08 Holley, Christopher (Packrat, Doc (Ph.D.)), MGySgt 1351 08 Hudson, Jacob, Capt
60 Hughes, Kenneth (Parafrog297), SSgt 9 35 KING, JAMES, MGySgt 
30 Kirk, Michael L. (Mike), Sgt 08 Leroy, John, Jr. (Gunslinger 48, Outcast 7), MSgt 12
08 Levesque Jr, Joe, LCpl  08 Lopez Jr, Faustino (TexMex, Tango Mike), MSgt 1

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