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2533-Radio Telegraph Operator
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1967-1968, 2533, 1st Air Naval Gunfire Liason Company (ANGLICO) /Sub Unit One
Service Years
1966 - 1969
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 Military Association Memberships
ANGLICO AssociationMarine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F)Albert E. Schwab; Detachment 857
  2007, ANGLICO Association [Verified]3
  2008, Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F) [Verified]
  2009, Marine Corps League, Albert E. Schwab; Detachment 857 (Immediate Past Golden Rodent) (Tulsa, Oklahoma) [Verified]

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:
MAINTAINING A SMALL ANGLICO FORUM AT www.1anglico.org ANGLICO Marines and Sailors are welcome, and those who fought by our sides as well. Three Korean Marines are on board, as well as other US Marines and Corpsmen who were detached to the same units. Historians are welcome, basically anyone who is interested in ANGLICO history, especially those who can help to document it. Our official history is often not documented, or full of errors as our teams are detached to US and allied forces, and those who record the history are often far removed from the battlefield. It's up to us to set the record straight.
Other Comments:
REPUBLIC OF KOREA MARINE CORPS Born 15 APR 1949 - Numba 1 Son - Pil-Seung Photo by unknown ROK Marine, Feb 1968. 10th Co. Capt. Yoon and his ANGLICO team.
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Cpl Vance Hall (USMC 1966-1969)

Svalbard Spain United States of America Antarctica South Georgia Falkland Islands Bolivia Peru Ecuador Colombia Venezuela Guyana Suriname French Guiana Brazil Paraguay Uruguay Argentina Chile Greenland Canada United States of America United States of America Israel Jordan Cyprus Qatar United Arab Emirates Oman Yemen Saudia Arabia Iraq Afghanistan Turkmenistan Iran Syria Singapore China Mongolia Papua New Guinea Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Malaysia Tiawan Philippines Vietnam Cambodia Laos Thailand Burma Bangladesh Sri Lanka India Bhutan Nepal Pakistan Afghanistan Turkmenistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Japan North Korea South Korea Russia Kazakhstan Russia Montenegro Portugal Azerbaijan Armenia Georgia Ukraine Moldova Belarus Romania Bulgaria Macedonia Serbia Bosonia & Herzegovina Turkey Greece Albania Croatia Hungary Slovakia Slovenia Malta Spain Portugal Spain France Italy Italy Austria Switzerland Belgium France Ireland United Kingdom Norway Sweden Finland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Russia Poland Czech Republic Germany Denmark The Netherlands Iceland El Salvador Guatemala Panama Costa Rica Nicaragua Honduras Belize Mexico Trinidad & Tobago Puerto Rico Dominican Republic Haiti Jamaica The Bahamas Cuba Vanuatu Australia Solomon Islands Fiji New Caledonia New Zealand Eritrea Ethiopia Djibouti Somalia Kenya Uganda Tanzania Rwanda Burundi Madagascar Namibia Botswana South Africa Lesotho Swaziland Zimbabwe Mozambique Malawi Zambia Angola Democratic Repbulic of Congo Republic of Congo Gabon Equatorial Guinea Central African Republic Cameroon Nigeria Togo Ghana Burkina Fassu Cote d'Ivoire Liberia Sierra Leone Guinea Guinea Bissau The Gambia Senegal Mali Mauritania Niger Western Sahara Sudan Chad Egypt Libya Tunisia Morocco Algeria

CanadaGuamJapanMexicoThailandUnited StatesVietnam

 Remembrance Profiles - 7 Marines Remembered
  • Cox, Floyd, LCpl, (1965-1969)
  • Deming, Dan, Cpl
  • Geer, Glenn, LCpl, (1966-1969)
  • Trujillo, Salvador, LCpl
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Rifle SharpshooterPistol Sharpshooter

 Enlisted/Officer Basic Training
  1966, Boot Camp (San Diego, CA), F/20524
 Unit Assignments
Communications and Electronics Schools Bn (Cadre)5th Recon BnUSMC (United States Marine Corps)1st Air Naval Gunfire Liason Company (ANGLICO)
1st Air Naval Gunfire Liason Company (ANGLICO)  /Sub Unit One 27th Marine Regiment
  1966-1967, 2533, Communications and Electronics Schools Bn (Cadre)
  1967-1967, 2533, 5th Recon Bn
  1967-1967, 2533, Amphibious Reconnaissance School
  1967-1968, 2533, 1st Air Naval Gunfire Liason Company (ANGLICO)
  1967-1968, 2533, 1st Air Naval Gunfire Liason Company (ANGLICO) /Sub Unit One
  1969-1969, 2533, 27th Marine Regiment
 Combat and Non-Combat Operations
  1968-1968 Vietnam War/Tet Counteroffensive Campaign (1968)1
  1968-1968 Vietnam War/Counteroffensive Phase IV Campaign (1968)
  1968-1968 Vietnam War/Counteroffensive Phase V Campaign (1968)1
  1968-1968 Vietnam War/Counteroffensive Phase V Campaign (1968)/Operation Dragon Palace II
 Reflections on Service
Please describe who or what influenced your decision to join the Marine Corps?
Whether you were in the service for several years or as a career, please describe the direction or path you took. What was your reason for leaving?
If you participated in any military operations, including combat, humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, please describe those which were the most significant to you and, if life-changing, in what way.
From your entire service, including combat, describe the personal memories which have impacted you most?
Which individual(s) from your time in the military stand out as having the most positive impact on you and why?
Can you recount a particular incident from your service which may or may not have been funny at the time, but still makes you laugh?
What profession did you follow after your military service and what are you doing now? If you are currently serving, what is your present occupational specialty?
What military associations are you a member of, if any? What specific benefits do you derive from your memberships?
In what ways has serving in the military influenced the way you have approached your life and your career? What do you miss most about your time in the service?
Based on your own experiences, what advice would you give to those who have recently joined the Marine Corps?
In what ways has TogetherWeServed.com helped you remember your military service and the friends you served with.
 Colleges Attended
University of OklahomaUniversity of OklahomaNew Mexico Institute of Mining and TechnologyOklahoma State University
Oklahoma City University
  1964-1966, University of Oklahoma
  1969-1972, University of Oklahoma2
  1972-1973, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
  1990-1993, Oklahoma State University
  1995-1995, Oklahoma City University
 Other News, Events and Photographs
  Heroes and Warriors5
  Geologists at work7
  Communist Propaganda about the ROKMC in Vietnam2
  F4 Hi Jinx at 3d Bn 2d ROKMC Bde1
  Arirang - a traditional Korean song, nostalgic and often sung1
  ROKMC operations during 1968 Tet offensive6
  Totally Stupid Graphics for Forums25
  Dave Doran's photos of Vietnamese folks in Hoi An15
  Bad Videos for the Forums
  Today's ROK Marines4
  News from the VietVet (Korean) website2
  1st ANGLICO Casualties in Vietnam1
  3rd Btn. 2nd ROK Marine Brigade3
  GI Bill1
  May 01, 1917, WWI - Grandfather2
  Apr 15, 1949, ROK USO1
  Apr 15, 1949, ROKMC - Republic of Korea Marine Corps9
  Apr 15, 1949, Gon-Zo-Ga - The Korean Marine Corps Spirit Song
  Sep 20, 1965, ROKMC 2nd Marine Brigade Unit History7
  Jul 06, 1966, ROK Army Tiger Div, Duc Co, Operation Lincoln1
  Feb 15, 1967, Vietnam History: Tra Binh Dong3
  Oct 18, 1967, Recon Platoon - 2nd ROK Marine Bde (Blue Dragons)3
  Nov 21, 1967, 11th Co / 3rd Bn - 2nd ROK Marine Bde (Blue Dragons)
  Jan 01, 1968, 3. 10th Co / 3rd Bn - 2nd ROK Marine Bde (Blue Dragons)1
  Dec 01, 1968, Where is He/She Now ?2
  May 26, 1969, Go Noi Island
  Dec 19, 1972, Wolfman 442
  Feb 16, 2008, S I X E D !1
  Mar 05, 2008, F R A N K E D !2
  Mar 07, 2008, GI BILL add-on - Marines make natural geologists: The Raymond Ben Shawn Endowed Scholarship
  Mar 14, 2008, Sands of Iwo Jima1
  Apr 05, 2008, Janice Lascko creation1
  Apr 30, 2008, ROK'd by Korean Marine Kim Se-chang3
  Jun 04, 2008, 1st ANGLICO reunion7
  Jun 07, 2008, Grandbaby due
  Aug 09, 2010, TWS software1
  Aug 20, 2013, General Photos2
  Nov 14, 2015, Message Photos2
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