Zeigler, Tim, SSgt

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USMC Veteran
Current/Last Rank
Staff Sergeant
Current/Last Primary MOS
2536-Ground Mobile Forces SATCOM Operator
Current/Last MOSGroup
Previously Held MOS
2531-Field Radio Operator
Primary Unit
1998-2000, 2536, 8th Comm Bn
Service Years
1992 - 2000
Enlisted Collar Insignia
Staff Sergeant
Two Hash Marks

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What are you doing now:

Systems integration; SOTM (Satcom on the Move), GNOMAD system, and other First In Integrated Solutions.


Training Exercise - Kernel Blitz '95
From Month/Year
January / 1995
To Month/Year
December / 1995

Kernel Blitz [frequently mis-spelled "Kernal Blitz"] is a bi-annual Commander-in-Chief Pacific (CINCPAC) fleet training exercise (FLEETEX) focused on operational/tactical training of Commander, Third Fleet (C3F)/I Marine Expeditionary Forces (MEF) and Commander, Amphibious Group 3 (CPG-3) / 1st Marine Division (MARDIV). KERNEL BLITZ is designed to enhance the training of Sailors and Marines in the complexities of brigade-size amphibious assault operations. Kernel Blitz tests the ability of Navy and Marine Corps forces to plan and conduct a brigade-size amphibious landing operation; it is the only regularly scheduled exercise of its kind in the Pacific.

Amphibious landing operations are considered among the most complex of all naval maneuvers. The United States is the only nation currently maintaining a brigade-level amphibious assault capability. Most of the world's population lives along the littorals, within a hundred or so miles of the coast. The Navy and Marine Corps are extending their ability to operate from ships over the horizon all the way to two hundred miles inland. The United States Navy and Marine Corps are an expeditionary team. Thus they operate in the littorals-in the sea and on the land along the coastline. Expeditionary work takes a very different set of operational capabilities from those needed in blue-water fleet operations. The Navy must bring in the Marines and support them ashore to accomplish missions that range from humanitarian operations to forced entry high-intensity warfare. 
My Participation in This Battle or Operation
From Month/Year
January / 1995
To Month/Year
December / 1995
Last Updated:
Mar 16, 2020
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Matt Richard
Jeremy Heide

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