Rugenstein, Gregory, LCpl

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USMC Veteran
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Lance Corporal
Current/Last Primary MOS
0811-Field Artillery Cannoneer
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Previously Held MOS
521-Basic Marine, Enlisted
0161-Postal Clerk
Primary Unit
2008-2008, 0161, HQ Btry, 2nd Bn, 10th Marine Regiment (2/10)
Service Years
2004 - 2008
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Operation Iraqi Freedom
Marine Combat Water Survival 4th Class (CWS-4)

Lance Corporal


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Tan Belt

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US Marines Corps Honorable Discharge

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Camp Blue Diamond Ramadi, Iraq (FOB)
From Month/Year
June / 2004
To Month/Year
April / 2009

Ramadi, the capital of Iraq's Al Anbar Governorate, was under U.S. military occupation during the Iraq war. It was a focal point of Iraqi insurgency, which erupted into open armed conflict in 2004 and in 2006, part of the Iraq War in Anbar Province. Operation Murfreesboro was an U.S. offensive in February 2007 intended to cut off the Ma'Laab district of eastern Ramadi from the rest of the town in order to drive out Zarqawi's Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

To the north and west, Ramadi is bounded by the Euphrates River, while to the east and south it gradually disappears into suburbs. Ramadi is also the location of the Ramadi Barrage which diverts water from the Euphrates River into Lake Habbaniyah.

U.S. units were largely restricted to a handful of small bases. The headquarters base, in the northern corner of Ramadi, is on the grounds of one of two Saddam-era palaces in the city; known first as Tactical Assembly Area Rifles and later as Camp Blue Diamond, this base was turned over to the Iraqi Army in the winter of 2007. At the other end of the stretch of Highway 10 that runs through Ramadi is another Saddam-era palace used as a Combat Outpost by a unit from the (Florida National Guard). Several smaller buildings along Highway 10 between the two larger bases are routinely occupied by U.S. and Iraqi units, and just outside the city there are a number of other, less dangerous and better equipped camps, where an Army brigade headquarters and its support units were based.
According to the Gulf War Air Power Survey, there were 24 Hardened Aircraft Shelters at Al Taqaddum. At each end of the main runway are hardened aircraft shelters knowns as a HAS (pronounced Haas), "trapezoids" or "Yugos" which were built by Yugoslavian contractors some time prior to 1985. Various units of the U.S. Army found numerous MIG-21, MiG 25 and Su 25 Iraqi Air Force fighter jets partially buried in the area, presumably from the time of the Gulf War. By January 2004, almost all of the dozens of aircraft had been removed by the local citizens and burned, evedently, for scrap metal.

There are three "sides" to Al Taqaddum, "Lake Side", "Main Side", and "Spring Lake". These sides denote particular areas. Each area has its own chow hall and phone center. The PX and main military support services are located on "Main Side". "Lake Side" hosts the air terminal and the primary supply depot. "Spring Lake" hosts other logistics units.

TQ is adjacent to Lake Habbaniyah. This lake varies in colors, blue some days, to a greenish tint on others. The base is built on a desolate plateau overlooking the Euphrates River to the north and Lake Habbaniyah to the south. A drainage canal from Lake Habbaniyah flows between it and the base at Habbaniyah.

In late 2009 Al Taqaddum was turned back over to the Iraqi Military.
My Participation in This Battle or Operation
From Month/Year
June / 2004
To Month/Year
April / 2009
Last Updated:
Mar 16, 2020
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