Rubart, Zachary, 1stSgt

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Current Service Status
USMC Active
Current/Last Rank
First Sergeant
Current/Last Primary MOS
8999-Sergeant Major/First Sergeant
Current/Last MOSGroup
Miscellaneous Requirements
Previously Held MOS
0300-Basic Infantryman
0352-Anti-Tank/Assault Guided Missileman
0571-Foreign Security Force Advisor
0369-Infantry Unit Leader
0913-Marine Combat Instructor
Primary Unit
2022-Present, 8999, Naval Support Facility- Thurmont Maryland (Camp David)
Service Years
2002 - Present
Official/Unofficial USMC Certificates
Meritorious Mast
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom
Shellback Certificate
Certificate of Commendation

First Sergeant

Four Hash Marks


 Official Badges 

Presidential Service French Fourragere Black Belt

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 Military Associations and Other Affiliations
Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F)Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)Military Order of the Purple HeartAmerican Legion
  2007, Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F)
  2008, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)
  2009, Military Order of the Purple Heart
  2009, American Legion

 Additional Information
What are you doing now:

Company First Sergeant
Weapons Company
3rd Battalion, 5th Marines
1st Marine Division
Camp Pendleton, CA


 Remembrance Profiles - 6 Marines Remembered

  2018-2019, 0369, Advanced Infantry Training Bn, School of Infantry EAST (SOI East)

From Month/Year
February / 2018
To Month/Year
- / 2019
Advanced Infantry Training Bn Unit Page
Gunnery Sergeant
0369-Infantry Unit Leader
Base, Station or City
Camp Geiger, NC
United States
 Advanced Infantry Training Bn, School of Infantry EAST (SOI East) Details

Advanced Infantry Training Bn, School of Infantry  EAST (SOI East)
Parent Unit
School of Infantry EAST (SOI East)
Created/Owned By
Not Specified

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2023
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155 Members Also There at Same Time
Advanced Infantry Training Bn

Marlowe, William, Maj, (1992-2013) 3 0302 Major
Jones, Chelsea, MGySgt, (1995-Present) 4 0491 Gunnery Sergeant
Advance Infantry Training Co (AITC)

Domino, Michael, SSgt, (1997-Present) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
F Co.

Johnson, Jeremy, 1stSgt, (1999-Present) First Sergeant
Field Medical Training Btn (FMTB) - Camp Lejeune

McCain, Christopher, SSgt, (1997-2014) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
McGuirt, Kelly, Sgt, (2002-Present) 30 3051 Corporal
Gehringer, Alton, HM2, (2004-Present) 0 HM-8404 Hospital Corpsman Second Class Petty Officer
G Co.

Porter, Keith, 1stSgt, (1991-2008) 8999 First Sergeant
H&S Bn

Firestone, Christopher, Sgt, (2004-2012) 3 0311 Corporal
Firestone, Christopher, Sgt, (2004-2012) 3 0311 Corporal
Moore, James, Maj, (2001-Present) 0 Major
Dixon, Israel, Cpl, (2016-2020) 1 0111 Lance Corporal
Kirkwood, Jeremy, Sgt, (2001-Present) 0913 Sergeant
Headquarters Co.

Nelson, Joel, Cpl, (1966-Present) 3 0351 Corporal
I Co.

Conn Drylie, Kelly, SSgt, (2008-2022) 0 Sergeant
Instructor Co

Coffin, Scott, SSgt, (2001-2007) 3 0311 Sergeant
Harrell, Fred, Sgt, (2003-2008) 3 0313 Sergeant
Brown, Everett, Sgt, (2002-2007) 8513 Sergeant
Malone, Michael, SSgt, (1997-Present) 0913 Staff Sergeant
K Co.

Perrault, Michael, 1stSgt, (2004-Present) 0913 Sergeant
Truslow, Jennifer, GySgt, (1999-Present) 0913 Gunnery Sergeant
Marine Combat Training Bn

Cobb, Gary, Maj, (1993-Present) 3 0302 Captain
Carpenter, Michael, 1stSgt, (2000-2020) 0 8999 First Sergeant
Leon, Ramon, Cpl, (2016-2020) 35 3531 Corporal
Mitchell, Essence, Cpl, (2017-2022) 6 0671 Private 1st Class
School of Infantry EAST (SOI East)

Hardin, Mark, GySgt, (1992-2008) 3 0369 Gunnery Sergeant
Volz, Frederick, 1stSgt, (2003-Present) 3 0369 Gunnery Sergeant
Beachley, Markoe, SSgt, (2002-Present) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
Beachley, Markoe, SSgt, (2002-Present) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
Farmer, Antonio, GySgt, (1997-2009) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
Lopez Jr, Ramiro, GySgt, (1996-Present) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
Mcfarling, John, SSgt, (1991-Present) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
Skipper, Terron, SSgt, (2005-2011) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
Widerman, Eric, SSgt, (1991-2013) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
Wilkison, Justin, Capt, (1999-Present) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
Sbragia, Chad, LtCol, (1984-2009) 3 0302 Lieutenant Colonel
O'Donnell, Dennis, Maj, (1992-Present) 3 0302 Major
Panikowski, Justin, Capt, (2001-Present) 3 0302 Captain
Blevins, Bradley, MSgt, (2001-Present) 3 0913 Gunnery Sergeant
Jones, Henry, SSgt, (2008-Present) 3 0913 Staff Sergeant
Alires, Marco, Sgt, (2007-Present) 3 0311 Sergeant
Davis, Scott, Sgt, (2005-Present) 3 0311 Sergeant
Googe, Richard, SSgt, (2003-Present) 3 0341 Sergeant
Hudnell, Everett, Sgt, (2007-Present) 3 0311 Sergeant
Krusen, Anthony, Sgt, (2005-Present) 3 0311 Sergeant
Lents, Matthew, SSgt, (2002-Present) 3 0352 Sergeant
Martinez, Luis, Sgt, (2008-Present) 3 Sergeant
Perez, Joseph, 2ndLt, (2004-Present) 3 0311 Sergeant
Hudnell, Everett, Sgt, (2007-Present) 3 0311 Corporal
Johnson, Joshua, LCpl, (2005-Present) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Articolo, Nick, PFC, (2017-Present) 3 0311 Private 1st Class
DeAquino, Brian, PFC, (2011-Present) 3 0331 Private 1st Class
Harkness, James, SSgt, (2001-Present) 3 0331 Private 1st Class
Keith, Aaron, LCpl, (2019-Present) 3 0341 Private 1st Class
Misla, Kisoun, PFC, (2019-Present) 3 0300 Private 1st Class
Cloudman, Cody, Pvt, (2012-Present) 3 0311 Private
Gonzalez, Henry, Pvt, (2013-Present) 3 0321 Private
Gonzalez, Jovani, Pvt, (2009-2009) 3 0311 Private

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