Aranda, Jess, Cpl

Aircraft Maintenance
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6062-Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic
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Aircraft Maintenance
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6061-Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic-Trainee
1100-Basic Utilities Marine
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1971-1971, 6062, MCAS Iwakuni, Japan
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1968 - 1971



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National Rifle Association (NRA)Post 97Post 1957Chapter 20
Flying Leatherneck Historical FoundationMarine Corps Aviation Reconaissance Association (MCARA)Chapter 20
  1999, American Legion, Post 97 (Member at Large) (Adrian, Michigan) [Verified]
  1999, National Rifle Association (NRA) [Verified]
  1999, American Legion, Post 97 (Associate Member) (Adrian, Michigan) [Verified]
  1999, American Veterans (AMVETS), Post 1957 (Associate Member) (Adrian, Michigan) [Verified]
  1999, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Chapter 20 (Associate Member) (Adrian, Michigan) [Verified]
  2000, American Veterans (AMVETS), Post 1957 (Member) (Adrian, Michigan) [Verified]
  2005, Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation
  2010, Marine Corps Aviation Reconaissance Association (MCARA) [Verified]
  2013, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Chapter 20 (Life Member) (Adrian, Michigan) [Verified]

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  1969-1971, 6062, 3rd MAW

From Month/Year
September / 1969
To Month/Year
February / 1971
3rd MAW Unit Page
Lance Corporal
6062-Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic
MCAS El Toro
 3rd MAW Details

3rd MAW
The 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing was commissioned on the 167th anniversary of the Marine Corps, Nov. 10, 1942, at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C. with a personnel roster of 13 officers, 25 enlisted men and one aircraft - a trainer.

The Wing's combat history began with the World War II deployment of a bomber squadron on Dec. 3, 1943. A little more than a year later, the Wing deployed a night fighter squadron in support of the war effort.

On Apr. 21, 1944, the Wing boarded three carriers for a voyage to Hawaii and arrived May 8, where it assumed the functions of Marine Air, Hawaii Area.

When the Japanese surrendered, 3rd MAW was decommissioned and its personnel were assigned to other units. The Wing had played an important, but behind-the-scenes, role in defeating the Japanese by giving the best training available to Marine pilots and support personnel.

In 1952, as the Corps again fought in the Far East, the Wing was reactivated at Cherry Point for the Korean War. The main portion of the Wing began moving to the new Marine Corps Air Station Miami, the Marine Corps' first "flying field."

In September 1955, the Wing left Miami for Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, Calif., and was rebuilt again, with the addition of Marine Aircraft Group 15, followed by Marine Aircraft Group 36 with its helicopter squadrons at a nearby Air Station in Santa Ana, CA.

Wing squadrons were detached and deployed to Vietnam as combat action in Southeast Asia flared. At the end of the Vietnam War several units were brought back to the United States and deactivated or redesignated, creating the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing of today.

The Wing saw action again as part of the I Marine Expeditionary Force, conducting operations in Iraq and Kuwait during Operation Desert Shield/Storm/Saber. After the end of hostilities, 3rd MAW aircraft provided support in Operations Provide Comfort and Southern Watch over Iraq. The Wing was once more called into service in Somalia for Operation Restore Hope.

The fall of 2001 would reveal a new type of warfare, the War on Terror, and 3rd MAW answered the call again deploying several detachments in support of the ongoing Operation Enduring Freedom.

In the fall of 2002 the Wing began deploying to Kuwait to prepare for combat operations in Iraq. The Third Marine Aircraft Wing supported I MEF and coalition forces in liberating Iraq and toppling Saddam Hussein during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The 3rd MAW has a well-proven, colorful battle history and today's Marines stand ready and prepared to meet the challenges of the ongoing War on Terror.

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Parent Unit
Marine Air Wing (MAW)
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Last Updated: Dec 14, 2017
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3rd MAW

Lee, Gerald, Sgt, (1968-1972) 60 6062 Lance Corporal
Waren, Larry, Cpl, (1969-1971) 60 6062 Private 1st Class
Spotts, Ben, MSgt, (1970-1993) 60 6019 Master Sergeant
Bobo, Louis, Sgt, (1969-1973) 60 6077 Sergeant
Deegan, Dennis G, Sgt, (1966-1970) 60 6026 Sergeant
Giddens, Dennis L, Sgt, (1967-1971) 60 6048 Sergeant
Hirsch, Randall, Sgt, (1967-1971) 60 6082 Sergeant
Koceja, Bob, Sgt, (1968-1972) 60 6042 Sergeant
Malberg, Larry, Sgt, (1969-1973) 60 6013 Sergeant
Peluso, Ronald, Sgt, (1969-1973) 60 6042 Sergeant
Stone, Roy, Sgt, (1968-1974) 60 6014 Sergeant
Parker, David, Cpl, (1965-1969) 60 6413 Corporal
Weymouth, John, Sgt, (1969-1975) 60 6013 Corporal
Cordova, Mark, SSgt, (1969-1984) 60 6054 Lance Corporal
Athey, Raymond, Sgt, (1970-1974) 60 6054 Private 1st Class
Warmington, Levant, LCpl, (1967-1970) 60 6014 Private 1st Class
Owens, Robert Gordon Jr., MGen, (1939-1972) 99 9903 Major General
Hise, Henry Williams, BGen, (1941-1971) 99 9903 Brigadier General
Davis, Donald, Col, (1971-2001) 99 9914 Colonel
Comfort, Clayton L, MGen, (1953-1987) 75 7598 Lieutenant Colonel
Kiraly, George, LtCol 66 6602 Lieutenant Colonel
Kuester, Larry J, LtCol, (1958-1983) 75 7545 Lieutenant Colonel
McCarthy, John, LtCol, (1946-1975) 99 9905 Lieutenant Colonel
Henry, Howard Boyd, Maj, (1953-1969) 75 7565 Major
Stoffey, Robert Edward, Col, (1957-1983) 75 7576 Major
Curtis, Terry, Col, (1961-1996) 75 7565 Captain
Dufresne, Leon, Capt, (1963-1971) 75 7562 Captain
Moss, Lawrence, Capt 66 6602 Captain
Bufton, Earl L, Col, (1963-1992) 75 7562 First Lieutenant
Orourke, Bob, LtCol, (1967-1980) 75 7501 First Lieutenant
Tucker, John, Capt, (1967-1979) 6700 Second Lieutenant
Sandoval, John, Capt, (1955-1975) 99 9960 Chief Warrant Officer 2
Anthony, Marcel, MSgt, (1968-1995) 31 3112 Master Sergeant
Oliver, John, MSgt, (1951-1971) 28 2861 Master Sergeant
Franklin, Bernard, Capt, (1960-1987) 66 6682 Gunnery Sergeant
Murray, Terry, MGySgt, (1957-1985) 2 0239 Gunnery Sergeant
Blanchard, Ronald, MSgt, (1961-1984) 2 0211 Staff Sergeant
Lang, William, MGySgt, (1966-1989) 63 6316 Staff Sergeant
Morris, Wayne V., Col, (1961-1996) 1 0141 Staff Sergeant
Morton, Dennis, GySgt, (1962-1976) 44 4423 Staff Sergeant
Shaw, Harvey, MSgt, (1962-1982) 2 0241 Staff Sergeant
Andersen, Inge, Sgt, (1967-1971) 70 7011 Sergeant
Barker, William, SSgt, (1968-1973) 30 3041 Sergeant
Bryan, Charles F, Sgt, (1969-1973) 30 3071 Sergeant
Busani, Richard, Sgt, (1971-1975) 58 5811 Sergeant
Crone, Roger, 1stLt, (1969-1990) 55 5537 Sergeant
Dittman, Carl, SSgt, (1967-1977) 3 Sergeant
Doveno, Thomas, Sgt, (1966-1970) 13 1342 Sergeant
Edwards, Bruce, Sgt, (1967-1971) 70 7011 Sergeant
Farmer, Patrick, MSgt, (1960-1986) 6712 Sergeant
Feuquay, Charles, Sgt, (1964-1969) 6741 Sergeant
Fisher, Carl, Sgt, (1966-1970) 6724 Sergeant
Floyd, Joe, Sgt, (1967-1971) 62 6243 Sergeant
Hall, Vertis, Sgt, (1968-1974) 1 0142 Sergeant
Hays, Ronald, MSgt, (1965-1986) 66 6614 Sergeant
Hogan, Steve, Sgt, (1967-1970) 28 2831 Sergeant
Hughes, William, Sgt, (1970-1974) 66 6636 Sergeant
JOHNSON, RAYMOND, Sgt, (1968-1972) 31 3111 Sergeant
Kerns, Eugene, Sgt, (1965-1969) 28 2851 Sergeant

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