Rubart, Zachary, 1stSgt

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USMC Active
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First Sergeant
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8999-Sergeant Major/First Sergeant
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Previously Held MOS
0300-Basic Infantryman
0352-Anti-Tank/Assault Guided Missileman
0571-Foreign Security Force Advisor
0369-Infantry Unit Leader
0913-Marine Combat Instructor
Primary Unit
2022-Present, 8999, Naval Support Facility- Thurmont Maryland (Camp David)
Service Years
2002 - Present
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Meritorious Mast
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom
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First Sergeant

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Presidential Service French Fourragere Black Belt

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Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F)Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)Military Order of the Purple HeartAmerican Legion
  2007, Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F)
  2008, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)
  2009, Military Order of the Purple Heart
  2009, American Legion

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Company First Sergeant
Weapons Company
3rd Battalion, 5th Marines
1st Marine Division
Camp Pendleton, CA


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  2012-Present, 0369, Marine Barracks Washington DC, 8th & I

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July / 2012
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Marine Barracks Washington DC, 8th & I Unit Page
Staff Sergeant
0369-Infantry Unit Leader
Base, Station or City
District Of Columbia
 Marine Barracks Washington DC, 8th & I Details

Marine Barracks Washington DC, 8th & I

Established in 1801, Marine Barracks Washington, is the "Oldest Post of the Corps" and has been the residence of every commandant of the Marine Corps since 1806. The selection of the site for the Barracks was a matter of personal interest to President Thomas Jefferson, who rode through Washington with Lt. Col. William Ward Burrows, the second commandant of the Marine Corps, in search of a suitable location. The site now occupied was approved due to its proximity to the Washington Navy Yard and because it was within easy marching distance of the Capitol.


The early 19th-century Barracks was arranged in a quadrangle as it is today, and the use of the building was similar. The areas on the south and east side of the quadrangle were used for offices, maintenance facilities and living spaces for troops, and a building on the west was the location of the officers' quarters. The Home of the Commandants at the north end of the Barracks was completed in 1806 and is the only original building still standing. It is the oldest public building in continuous use in the nation's Capitol. The rest of the Barracks was rebuilt between 1900 and 1907.

 The training of new officers and recruits started at the barracks soon after it was established and continued throughout the 19th century. Until 1901, it was also the location of Marine Corps Headquarters. Marines from the Barracks participated in the defense of Washington in the War of 1812, and served in the Indian Wars of 1826-37, the war with Mexico, the Civil War and the Spanish American War. Most recently, Marines from the Barracks deployed to Southwest Asia and participated in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.


The Barracks has also been home to the United States Marine Band since 1801. Shortly after its formation, the band was requested to play for President John Adams at the Executive Mansion. This White House engagement began a tradition which became so established that today the names "Marine Band" and "President's Own" are synonymous. It was at the Barracks that John Philip Sousa, during the time he was the director of the Marine Band, wrote many of his immortal marches.

Field Artillery
Parent Unit
Marine Barracks
Created/Owned By
40  Perez, Luis, Cpl 20

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2017
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114 Members Also There at Same Time
Marine Barracks Washington DC, 8th & I

Albright, Chris, MSgt, (1993-2013) 3 0369 Gunnery Sergeant
Cullen, Ronald, GySgt, (1995-2015) 3 0369 Gunnery Sergeant
Davis, James, SSgt, (1998-Present) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
De La Cueva, Andres, GySgt, (2000-2020) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
Hayes, William, SSgt, (1994-Present) 3 0369 Staff Sergeant
Hubbard, Edward, Capt, (2006-Present) 3 0302 Captain
Wagner, Jonathan, Capt, (2002-2008) 3 0302 Captain
Mizner, Alec, Sgt, (2009-2013) 3 0300 Sergeant
Previti, Nathan, Sgt, (2010-Present) 3 0311 Sergeant
Valerio, Dominick, SSgt, (2006-Present) 3 0311 Sergeant
Best, Bradley, Sgt, (2010-Present) 3 0311 Corporal
Georgeson, Joshua, Cpl, (2010-Present) 3 0311 Corporal
McCarty, William, Cpl, (1956-1960) 3 0311 Corporal
Baldwin, Timothy, LCpl, (2010-Present) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Bell Peppers, Zachary, LCpl, (2019-Present) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Chegwidden, Blake, Cpl, (2012-Present) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Copeland, Justin, LCpl, (2015-2017) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Crawford, Joseph, Cpl, (2009-2014) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Earles, Matthew, LCpl, (2014-Present) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Edwards, Shane, LCpl, (2007-2009) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Houx, Garrett, Cpl, (2008-2012) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Janosz, Jonathan, LCpl, (2013-Present) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Johnsen, Dan, Cpl, (2013-2017) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Medlock, James, LCpl, (2012-2015) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Shevlin, Justin, LCpl, (2018-Present) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Simpson, Kollin, LCpl, (2019-Present) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Visser, Collin, LCpl, (2010-2013) 3 0311 Lance Corporal
Cloud, Devin, Sgt, (2007-Present) 3 0311 Private 1st Class
Goins, Matt, PFC, (2014-Present) 3 0311 Private 1st Class
Drake, Kolton, Pvt, (2010-Present) 3 0311 Private
McKinney, Matt, LtCol, (1999-Present) Major
Grodi, Benjamin, Capt, (1998-Present) 44 4402 Captain
Hampton, Brent, Maj, (1990-2017) 2 0202 Captain
Mills, Brandon, Capt, (2004-2009) 4 0402 Captain
Browne, William, MGySgt, (1989-Present) 55 5511 Master Gunnery Sergeant
Franco, Thomas, MGySgt, (1985-2013) 8 0811 Master Gunnery Sergeant
Gray, Joseph, SgtMaj, (1990-2020) 99 9999 Sergeant Major
Maness, Angela, SgtMaj, (1987-2017) 99 9999 Sergeant Major
Calliste, Giselle, 1stSgt, (1998-2019) 0 8999 First Sergeant
Brazil, Brian, MGySgt, (1993-Present) 33 3372 Master Sergeant
Coffman, James, MSgt, (1993-Present) 11 1169 Master Sergeant
Dickens, David, MGySgt, (1992-Present) 13 1371 Master Sergeant
Helstrom, Aaron, MSgt, (1989-Present) 35 3529 Master Sergeant
Hunter, William, MSgt, (1988-Present) 35 3537 Master Sergeant
Peacock, David, MSgt, (1988-2013) 33 3372 Master Sergeant
Viggiani, Meghann, MSgt, (1998-2018) 4 0491 Master Sergeant
Ameible, Josh, GySgt, (2001-Present) 33 3381 Gunnery Sergeant
Cox, Charles, GySgt, (1995-Present) 33 3372 Gunnery Sergeant
Davis, Anthony, MSgt, (1996-2018) 0 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Magana, Josue, GySgt, (1997-Present) 41 4133 Gunnery Sergeant
Paugh, William, GySgt, (1993-Present) 18 1833 Gunnery Sergeant
Ward, Anthony, GySgt, (1997-Present) 33 3372 Gunnery Sergeant
Byrnes, Kevin, SSgt, (2003-2013) 58 5811 Staff Sergeant
Galyean, Ralph, GySgt, (2001-Present) 55 5512 Staff Sergeant
Harth, Patrick, SSgt, (1999-Present) 33 3372 Staff Sergeant
Shanfield, Sydney, GySgt, (2001-Present) 41 4133 Staff Sergeant
BANKS, MARCUS, Sgt, (2003-Present) 35 3531 Sergeant
Coleman, Mark, Sgt, (2005-Present) 11 1161 Sergeant
Humphrey, Greg, Sgt, (2000-2009) 8152 Sergeant

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