Scofield, Jeff, LtCol

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USMC Retired
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Lieutenant Colonel
Current/Last Primary MOS
4801-Recruiting Officer-Marine Corps Total Force Expert
Current/Last MOSGroup
Previously Held MOS
9910-Billet Designator-Unrestricted Officer
0802-Field Artillery Officer
8006-Billet Designator-Unrestricted Officer
Primary Unit
2004-2005, 0802, 2nd Bn, 11th Marine Regiment (2/11)
Service Years
1993 - 2020
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Golden Shellback Certificate
Shellback Certificate
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom
Marine Combat Water Survival Qualified (WSQ)
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Lieutenant Colonel


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Green Belt

 Unofficial Badges 

Shellback Golden Shellback Order of Saint Barbara

 Military Associations and Other Affiliations
Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F)United States Field Artillery Association1st Marine Division AssociationCarolinas Chapter
  1995, Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F)
  2002, United States Field Artillery Association
  2003, 1st Marine Division Association
  2011, 2nd Marine Division Association, Carolinas Chapter (Member) (Hubert, North Carolina)

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Branch Head, Plans and Research


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  2010-2013, 0802, 2nd Marine Division

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October / 2010
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June / 2013
2nd Marine Division Unit Page
Lieutenant Colonel
0802-Field Artillery Officer
Base, Station or City
Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan
United States
 2nd Marine Division Details

2nd Marine Division

The 2nd Marine Division (2nd MARDIV) is a division of the United States Marine Corps, which forms the ground combat element of the II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF). The division is based at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and headquartered at Julian C. Smith Hall.

The 2nd Marine Division earned renown in World War II, distinguishing itself at Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian, and Okinawa

The lineal forebearer of the 2nd Marine Division is the 2nd Marine Brigade, which was activated on 1 July 1936 at San Diego, California.

The 2nd Marine Division was officially organized on February 1, 1941 at Camp Elliott, California by change of designation from the 2nd Marine Brigade.
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Last Updated: Apr 20, 2015
Memories For This Unit

Best Friends
MAJ Brian Ferguson TFL G-3 FEC Fires Officer
CWO2 Jeff Smith TFL G-3 FEC Targeting Officer
GySgt Robert McNees TFL G-3 FEC Chief
GySgt Earl Collins TFL G-3 FEC Targeting Chief
LtCol Charlie Cassidy TFL G-3 FOPsO
LtCol Kevin Clark TFL G-3 FOPsO
Maj E.J. Healey TFL G-3 COPsO
LtCol Dave Plevell TFL AC/S G-2
LtCol Frank Chawk TFL Dpty AC/S G-2
Capt Jeff Vickers TFL G-2 Targeting
Sgt Micah Williams TFL G-2 Targeting Chief
Maj Gordon Hilbun TFL G-9 Development
LtCol Dave Richardson / Dave Lucas TFL G-3 ANSF Development
Maj Matt Hawkins TFL G-3 ANSF Development OpsO
Capt Jody Stern TFL G-3 FECC IO MISO

Best Moment
Traveling around the AO seeing the Marines


Worst Moment
Anything Effects

Chain of Command
BGen Lew Craporatta
Col Ken DeTreux AC/S G-3
Col Bill "Beavis" Lieblein FEC

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232 Members Also There at Same Time
2nd Marine Division

Coker, Steven Kirk, LtCol, (1988-2012) 8 0802 Lieutenant Colonel
Parker, Thomas, LtCol, (1992-2016) 8 0802 Major
McNees, Robert, GySgt, (1994-2014) 8 0861 Gunnery Sergeant
Cardin, Louis F, SSgt, (2006-2016) 8 0800 Staff Sergeant
Fischer, Sean, SSgt, (1996-2014) 8 0811 Staff Sergeant
Magooshboy, Anson, SSgt, (1998-Present) 8 0811 Staff Sergeant
Jones, Brandon, Sgt, (2007-2011) 8 0844 Sergeant
Martin, Roy, Sgt, (2004-Present) 8 0861 Sergeant
Wyatt, David Allen, SSgt, (2004-2015) 8 0844 Sergeant
Barrere, Joshua, LCpl, (2009-2010) 8 0861 Private 1st Class
Bass, Harold, Col, (1985-2013) 99 9906 Colonel
Duncan, James, LtCol, (1982-2011) 44 4405 Lieutenant Colonel
Dunn, Timothy, Col, (1986-2018) 44 4402 Lieutenant Colonel
Golden, John, LtCol, (1989-2019) 3 0302 Lieutenant Colonel
M Maz, Matthew, LtCol, (1992-2022) 0 8041 Lieutenant Colonel
Payne, John, LtCol, (1992-2012) 6 0602 Lieutenant Colonel
Vrable, Dean, LtCol, (1987-2014) 6 0602 Lieutenant Colonel
Roberts, Jason, Maj, (1988-2012) 1 0180 Major
Atkinson, Joshua, Capt, (2005-2018) 4 0402 Captain
Christian, James, Capt, (1996-Present) 2 0202 Captain
Fellows, Terry, Capt, (1994-2015) 3 0302 Captain
Fore, Joe, Capt, (1988-2011) 33 3302 Captain
Gibbs, Eric, Capt, (1994-Present) 3 0302 Captain
Langer, John, Capt, (2007-Present) 3 0302 Captain
Reconnu, Dawn, Capt, (1989-Present) 28 2802 Captain
Sparks, T. Ryan, Capt, (1998-2014) 3 0302 Captain
Ammerman, David, Capt, (2006-2013) 34 3404 First Lieutenant
Clavijo, Anthony, Maj, (2002-2022) 6 First Lieutenant
Osowski, Stephen, 1stLt, (2008-Present) 3 0302 First Lieutenant
Golden, Micheal, Capt, (2009-2016) 4 0402 Second Lieutenant
Mueller, John, 1stLt, (2008-Present) 4 0402 Second Lieutenant
Cargile, Cannon, CWO5, (1983-2013) 3 0306 Chief Warrant Officer 5
KENISTON, DAVID, CWO5, (1985-Present) 3 0306 Chief Warrant Officer 5
DeSmit, Dan, CWO4, (1990-Present) 4 0430 Chief Warrant Officer 4
Little, Thomas, CWO5, (1990-2018) 1 0170 Chief Warrant Officer 4
Lemasters III, George, CWO3, (1992-Present) 35 3510 Chief Warrant Officer 3
Wall, Lina, CWO3, (1986-2011) 1 0170 Chief Warrant Officer 3
Lovell, Michael, CWO4, (1997-2021) 21 2110 Chief Warrant Officer 2
Clark, David, MGySgt, (1987-2010) 21 2181 Master Gunnery Sergeant
Hampton, Andrew, MGySgt, (1988-2018) 3 0369 Master Gunnery Sergeant
Hunnicutt, Kenneth, MGySgt, (1986-2016) 6 0699 Master Gunnery Sergeant
McClain, Kelvin, MGySgt, (1982-2012) 35 3529 Master Gunnery Sergeant
Slater, David, MGySgt, (1983-2013) 1 0193 Master Gunnery Sergeant
Sommers, Charles, MGySgt, (1989-2018) 2 0291 Master Gunnery Sergeant
Tsang, Ben, MGySgt, (1986-2012) 13 1371 Master Gunnery Sergeant
Heyob, William, SgtMaj, (1988-2012) 8999 Sergeant Major
Cayer, Michael, SgtMaj, (1991-2018) 8999 First Sergeant
Meza, Julio, SgtMaj, (1987-2019) 8999 First Sergeant
Babich, Craig, MSgt, (1990-2014) 5 0511 Master Sergeant
Barden, Charles, MSgt, (1988-2012) 2 0231 Master Sergeant
Barth, Raymond, MSgt, (1995-2016) 3 0369 Master Sergeant
Bartosik, Mark, MSgt, (1994-Present) 57 5711 Master Sergeant
Bengston, Oscar, MSgt, (1990-2011) 58 5811 Master Sergeant
Courie, Robert, MSgt, (1994-Present) 13 1349 Master Sergeant
Roy II, William, MSgt, (1990-Present) 6 0699 Master Sergeant
Schlagetter, Blaine, MSgt, (1993-Present) 3 0369 Master Sergeant
Taylor, Kirk, MSgt, (1988-2013) 1 1371 Master Sergeant
Vladyka, Timothy, MSgt, (1992-Present) 6 0681 Master Sergeant
WEBER, JOEL, MGySgt, (1994-Present) 6 0681 Master Sergeant

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