Kohler, Jayme, MGySgt

Tank And Amphibian Tractor
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Current Service Status
USMC Active
Current/Last Rank
Master Gunnery Sergeant
Current/Last Primary MOS
1833-Assault Amphibious Vehicle Crewman
Current/Last MOSGroup
Tank And Amphibian Tractor
Previously Held MOS
8156-Marine Security Guard
0911-Drill Instructor
Primary Unit
2008-Present, 0911, 1st Recruit Training Bn (Cadre)/Charlie Co
Service Years
1997 - Present
Official/Unofficial USMC Certificates
Shellback Certificate
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom
Water Survival Intermediate (WSI)

Master Gunnery Sergeant

Five Hash Marks


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Black Belt

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Drill Instructor

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  2008-2008, 0911, 3rd Recruit Training Bn (Cadre) RTR, MCRD Parris Island/India Co

From Month/Year
March / 2008
To Month/Year
July / 2008
India Co Unit Page
Gunnery Sergeant
0911-Drill Instructor
Not Specified
United States
 3rd Recruit Training Bn (Cadre) RTR, MCRD Parris Island/India Co Details

3rd Recruit Training Bn (Cadre) RTR, MCRD Parris Island/India Co
Training Commands
Parent Unit
3rd Recruit Training Bn (Cadre) RTR, MCRD Parris Island
Created/Owned By
03  Toma, Michael (Mike), Sgt 439 

Last Updated: Jul 4, 2009
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142 Members Also There at Same Time
India Co

Bautista, James, GySgt, (1996-2009) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Moran, Emilio, SSgt, (2000-2009) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Peloquin, Joshua, SSgt, (2003-2009) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Schoot, Glen, SSgt, (2001-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Blair, Michael, Sgt, (1998-Present) 0911 Sergeant
Garza, Jerry, SSgt, (2003-Present) 0911 Sergeant
Correa, Mark, GySgt, (1992-Present) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Johnson, Alvin, 1stSgt, (1996-2014) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Brown, Leroy, GySgt, (2000-Present) 0911 Sergeant
Brown, Leroy, GySgt, (2000-Present) 0911 Sergeant
Dalby, John, Capt, (2003-2008) 8006 Captain
Fernald, Heath, GySgt, (2000-Present) 8511 Sergeant
Gauntt, Alex, Capt, (2004-2009) 99 9910 Captain
Norris, David, GySgt, (1997-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
PELAEZ, BYRON, 1stSgt, (2000-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Angulo, Joel, SSgt, (2001-2008) Sergeant
3rd Recruit Training Bn (Cadre) RTR, MCRD Parris Island

D'Alesandro, Terence, GySgt, (1989-2014) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Goss, Gary, SSgt, (1998-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Hoover, Gregory, SSgt, (1993-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Munoz, Angelbert, GySgt, (2001-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Underwood, Nicholas, SSgt, (1998-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Alarie, Ryan, Sgt, (2002-Present) 0911 Sergeant
Bennett, Michael, Sgt, (2002-2008) 0911 Sergeant
Burnside, Ross, Sgt, (2002-Present) 0911 Sergeant
Euler, Michael, SSgt, (2001-Present) 0911 Sergeant
Maichle, Shawn, GySgt, (2001-Present) 0911 Sergeant
Park, Antonio, SSgt, (2002-2008) 0911 Sergeant
Stelter, David, SSgt, (2002-Present) 0911 Sergeant
Allen, Keith, 1stSgt, (1994-Present) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Lowery, Ocie, 1stSgt, (1997-2016) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Reynolds, Dion, GySgt, (1994-2007) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Charpentier, Anthony, SSgt, (1997-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Johnson, Christopher, Capt, (2002-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Larrea, Cesar, SSgt, (1997-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Macea, Pedro, WO, (1998-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
MAHAN, PAUL, SSgt, (1998-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Meadows, Nicholas, SSgt, (2000-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Santos, Dominic, GySgt, (2001-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Taylor, Travis, MSgt, (2000-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Bartra, Morgan, SSgt, (2004-Present) 0911 Sergeant
Clark, Jason, CWO2, (2001-Present) 0911 Sergeant
Doublet, Stephen, WO, (2001-Present) 0911 Sergeant
McAdams, Charles, Sgt, (2003-Present) 0911 Sergeant
Sheets, Brent, GySgt, (2002-Present) 0911 Sergeant
Funk, Gregory, Maj, (1994-Present) 8006 Captain
Hohmann, Brett, LtCol, (1988-Present) 8006 Captain
Sweeney, William, SgtMaj, (1989-Present) 8999 First Sergeant
Milford, Brock, SgtMaj, (1997-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Viggiani, Anthony, GySgt, (1998-2013) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Anderson, Ashley, Sgt, (2001-Present) 8511 Sergeant
TERRY, RODELL, GySgt, (2000-2008) 8511 Sergeant
Thomas, Antonio, 1stSgt, (1998-Present) 8511 Sergeant
White, David, SSgt, (2000-Present) 8511 Sergeant
Federici, Nikolai, Cpl, (2008-Present) 8000 Private
Viotti, Thomas, GySgt, (1994-Present) 8 0861 Staff Sergeant
Holloway, Ed, Sgt, (2004-2012) 3 0311 Sergeant
Morales, Larry, SSgt, (2002-Present) 6 0612 Sergeant
Melendez-diaz, Derwin, Sgt, (2008-2008) 1 0100 Private
Wamsley, Johnnie, LCpl, (2007-2009) 1 0151 Private

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