Scofield, Jeff, LtCol

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USMC Retired
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Lieutenant Colonel
Current/Last Primary MOS
4801-Recruiting Officer-Marine Corps Total Force Expert
Current/Last MOSGroup
Previously Held MOS
9910-Billet Designator-Unrestricted Officer
0802-Field Artillery Officer
8006-Billet Designator-Unrestricted Officer
Primary Unit
2004-2005, 0802, 2nd Bn, 11th Marine Regiment (2/11)
Service Years
1993 - 2020
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Golden Shellback Certificate
Shellback Certificate
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Enduring Freedom
Marine Combat Water Survival Qualified (WSQ)
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Lieutenant Colonel


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Green Belt

 Unofficial Badges 

Shellback Golden Shellback Order of Saint Barbara

 Military Associations and Other Affiliations
Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F)United States Field Artillery Association1st Marine Division AssociationCarolinas Chapter
  1995, Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCA&F)
  2002, United States Field Artillery Association
  2003, 1st Marine Division Association
  2011, 2nd Marine Division Association, Carolinas Chapter (Member) (Hubert, North Carolina)

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Branch Head, Plans and Research


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  2008-2008, 8006, Echo Co, Officer Candidate School (Cadre)

From Month/Year
May / 2008
To Month/Year
July / 2008
Echo Co Unit Page
8006-Billet Designator-Unrestricted Officer
Base, Station or City
United States
 Echo Co, Officer Candidate School (Cadre) Details

Parent Unit
Officer Candidate School (Cadre)
Created/Owned By
Not Specified

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2009
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Command Photo - E Co, OCS
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Echo Co

Barba, Roberto, GySgt, (1993-2008) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Pompos, Anthony, SgtMaj, (1993-Present) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
Young, Mike, 1stLt, (2009-Present) Second Lieutenant
A Co

Anderson, Brad, LtCol, (1988-2022) 8006 Major
C Co

Moreno, Josiah, MSgt, (1997-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Dukes, Dean, 1stLt, (1993-Present) 99 9901 Second Lieutenant
Acero, Tony, GySgt, (1998-Present) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
John, Stephenson, Capt, (1997-Present) 8001 Cadet (Prior Enlisted)
D Co

Williams, Andrew, 1stSgt, (2000-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Golf Co

Shotas, Kevin, Maj, (2010-Present) Cadet (Prior Enlisted)
Munkirs, Stormy, Capt, (1997-Present) 2 0241 Staff Sergeant
Griner, Michael, 2ndLt, (2002-Present) 99 9928 Sergeant
Phillips, Samuel, Maj, (1999-Present) 1 0121 Cadet (Prior Enlisted)
Dubon, Carlos, Capt, (1996-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Cheung, Ivan, Capt, (2002-Present) 8028 Sergeant
H&S Co

Wright, David, Maj, (1994-Present) 3 0302 Captain
Galbreath, Brian, MSgt, (1994-2018) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
Martinez, Luz, GySgt, (1999-Present) 1 Sergeant
India Co.

Billard, Robert, 2ndLt, (2005-Present) Corporal
Officer Candidate School (Cadre)

Connolly, Tricia, Capt, (2008-Present) 8001 Second Lieutenant
McNear, Daniel, Maj, (2008-Present) 8001 Second Lieutenant
Port, Patrick, Capt, (1996-Present) 8001 Second Lieutenant
Carter, William, 1stSgt, (1992-Present) 8999 First Sergeant
Roppo, Joseph, MGySgt, (1991-Present) 0911 Master Sergeant
Avalos, Juan, MSgt, (1997-2017) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Blain, Ross, MSgt, (1995-2015) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Caputo, Joseph, SgtMaj, (1995-Present) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Castillon, Jorge, MSgt, (1994-Present) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
Cedeno, Michael, SgtMaj, (1995-Present) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Clark, Jonathan, 1stSgt, (1993-Present) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Collins, John, MSgt, (1991-2013) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Coons, Max, 1stSgt, (1996-Present) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Danberry, Brent, MSgt, (1992-2012) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
GOMEZCOELLO, OSCAR, GySgt, (1997-2008) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Johnston, Shawn, 1stSgt, (1995-2015) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Robles, Hector, MGySgt, (1992-Present) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Scifo, Randy, MSgt, (1993-2014) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Wright Jr., J. L., MSgt, (1995-2015) 0911 Gunnery Sergeant
Hernandez, Frank, 1stSgt, (1996-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
McCollough, Peter, GySgt, (1998-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Miller, Kenneth, 1stSgt, (1998-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
NIXON, PAUL, SSgt, (1998-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Terrell, Johnney, GySgt, (2000-2008) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Fuentes, Esperanza, SSgt, (1999-Present) 8511 Sergeant
Grosso, David, Maj, (2000-Present) 75 7562 Captain
[Name Withheld], (1998-Present) 99 9910 Captain
Reis, Matthew, Maj, (1990-Present) 1 0180 Captain
Osowski, Stephen, 1stLt, (2008-Present) 3 0302 Second Lieutenant
Pevehouse, Michael, Capt, (1993-2018) 99 9901 Second Lieutenant
Lamberth, Alexander, 1stSgt, (1997-Present) 35 3537 Gunnery Sergeant
Germershausen, Zachary, 2ndLt, (2002-Present) 61 6174 Staff Sergeant
Peterson, Kevin, Capt, (1998-2018) 60 6091 Staff Sergeant
Walters, Brad, MGySgt, (1997-Present) 0 0911 Staff Sergeant
Carson, Joshua, 1stLt, (2001-Present) 99 9928 Sergeant
Ferdinand, Donald, Sgt, (2001-2009) 30 3043 Sergeant
Fontenot, Kenneth, Capt, (2005-2014) 99 9901 Cadet (Prior Enlisted)
Minydzak, Dennis, HM1, (2000-Present) 0 HM-8404 Hospital Corpsman Second Class Petty Officer
Skall, Daniel, 2ndLt, (2005-2009) 8001 Second Lieutenant
Lafountain, Phil, SgtMaj, (1992-Present) 8999 First Sergeant

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