Beck, Michael, SSgt

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Staff Sergeant
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2519-Wire Chief
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2512-Field Wireman
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1991-1992, 2519, 5th Marine Regiment
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1981 - 1994

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US Marines Corps Honorable Discharge Shellback Bluenose

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  1985-1985, 2512, 10th Marine Regiment

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- / 1985
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- / 1985
10th Marine Regiment Unit Page
2512-Field Wireman
Camp Lejeune
North Carolina
 10th Marine Regiment Details

10th Marine Regiment
The 10th Marines is one of the oldest and proudest of the regiments of Marines.
 It's unbroken service spans 86 years. The line from the Marines Hymn, "We have fought in every clime and place where we could take a gun," could well serve as its motto: Mexico, Haiti, Santo Domingo, the Pacific islands and atolls- the regiment has been there. In times of peace and near war, it has served in Iceland, China, Japan, Lebanon, Norway and Germany, and with the Landing Force Sixth Fleet.

The 10th Marines were formed on April 25th 1914 as an Artillery Battalion under the 1st Marine Brigade. The 10th Marines took part in conflicts in Haiti and the Dominican Republic from August 1915 to May 1917. The Battalion was expanded throughout mid 1917 and finally, on 15 January 1917 the expanded Battalion was redesignated as the 10th Marine Regiment of Field Artillery.

Between the First and Second World War the 10th Regiment worked on many different things, including annual reenactments of Civil War battles, building their Barracks and various other construction around the base, and guarding the mail. Also during this time the Regiment was deployed to China, and also to Iceland just prior to American involvement in World War II. During the war the Regiment was involved in the assault on Guadalcanal and later took part in the bloody taking of Tarawa and later Saipan, Tinian and Okinawa.

After the end of World War II the 10th Marines found themselves at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, which would be their home until present day. They once again found themselves mobilized during the Korean war and again later during the Cuban Missile Crisis when they participated in the blockade of Cuba. As the Korean war started the 10th Marines were working with a skeleton crew, but five month's later they were back up to full wartime strength and ready to fight.

Since that time the Regiment has participated in exercises testing the methods of firing 155mm Howitzers from Landing Craft, as well as the twice annual Fire Exercise at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The Regiment has also continuously sent Firing Batteries and Battalions to train in Okinawa and to participate in CAX, a desert training operation held at Twenty Nine Palms California at the edge of the Mohave Desert.

The Regiment has time and again shown that it can set up, fire and move to a new position with astounding speed, and twice a year they display their skill in the direct fire competition at Fort Bragg.
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10th Marine Regiment

Gildersleeve, Richard, Cpl, (1985-1989) 25 2512 Corporal
Gill, Dwayne, SSgt, (1981-1991) 25 2531 Sergeant
Nickerson, John, Cpl, (1984-1988) 25 2531 Corporal
James, Paul, GySgt, (1983-2003) 25 2512 Lance Corporal
Keller, Scott, SSgt, (1985-1997) 25 2533 Lance Corporal
Phillips, Suzanne, Sgt, (1984-1992) 25 2531 Lance Corporal
Weatherford, Ricky, Sgt, (1984-1994) 25 2531 Lance Corporal
Carroll, Wilford, Sgt, (1984-1996) 25 2542 Private 1st Class
Beck, Phillip, LtCol, (1978-2000) 8 0802 Captain
Brennan, Michael, Capt, (1979-1992) 8 0802 Captain
Bruning, Terry, Col, (1983-2008) 8 0802 First Lieutenant
Carmon, Larry, Maj, (1975-2003) 28 2830 Chief Warrant Officer 2
Cruz, Edward, CWO4, (1973-1993) 57 5702 Chief Warrant Officer 2
Hunter, Andre', MGySgt, (1980-2010) 3 0369 Master Gunnery Sergeant
Kuney, Ricardo, MSgt, (1976-2000) 28 2891 Master Sergeant
O'neal, Archie, MSgt, (1963-1986) 8 0848 Master Sergeant
Winslett, Dana, MSgt, (1977-2000) 8 0844 Master Sergeant
Calandra, Anthony, SSgt, (1980-1996) 1 0193 Staff Sergeant
Canty, Allen, SSgt, (1967-1987) 4 0411 Staff Sergeant
Coffman, Jeff, GySgt, (1976-1996) 57 5711 Staff Sergeant
Hale, David, SSgt, (1976-1987) 8 0811 Staff Sergeant
Hale, David, SSgt, (1976-1987) 8 0811 Staff Sergeant
Krueger, Thomas, GySgt, (1976-2000) 35 3537 Staff Sergeant
Lamb, Grady, SSgt, (1968-1986) 33 3381 Staff Sergeant
Little, Daniel, SSgt, (1974-1994) 35 3537 Staff Sergeant
Spittler, David, SSgt, (1977-1987) 8 0848 Staff Sergeant
Williams, Richard, CWO5, (1977-2005) 8 0848 Staff Sergeant
Wright, Kim, SSgt, (1971-1985) 35 3537 Staff Sergeant
Barnes, Mark, CWO3, (1981-2001) 8 0842 Sergeant
Bedell, Frederick (Rick), Sgt, (1979-1985) 8 0844 Sergeant
Heffley, John, Sgt, (1977-1989) 35 3535 Sergeant
HOUSTON JR, IVORY, GySgt, (1979-2001) 21 2144 Sergeant
Kilby, Rocky, Sgt, (1977-1981) 8 0844 Sergeant
Marino, John, GySgt, (1980-2000) 8 0811 Sergeant
Wilbert, Curtis, Sgt, (1976-1985) 6 0699 Sergeant
Allen, David, MSgt, (1982-2005) 23 2311 Corporal
Bashaw, Dan, Cpl, (1983-1987) 8 0842 Corporal
Campbell, Carole, Cpl, (1984-1990) 4 0431 Corporal
Conway, Shawn, Cpl, (1981-1986) 8 0800 Corporal
Fahey, Edward, Cpl, (1981-1985) 8 0811 Corporal
Fahey, Edward, Cpl, (1981-1985) 8 0811 Corporal
Fitzgerald, Jason, Cpl, (1984-1988) 8 0811 Corporal
Hedrick, Anthony, GySgt, (1981-2002) 35 3531 Corporal
Johnson, Robert, Cpl, (1982-1986) 8 0847 Corporal
Lovingg, Glenn, Cpl, (1984-1992) 35 3521 Corporal
Mire, David, Cpl, (1984-1988) 28 2841 Corporal
Rubino, Don, Cpl, (1978-1986) 8 0861 Corporal
Senn, Michael, Sgt, (1982-1988) 28 2841 Corporal
Simpson, Saintclare, MGySgt, (1984-Present) 35 3531 Corporal
Spaulding, John, Cpl, (1982-1986) 8 0847 Corporal
Britt, Ashley, GySgt, (1982-2003) 1 0121 Lance Corporal
Derry, William, Cpl, (1983-1987) 8 0844 Lance Corporal
Garcia, Michael, MGySgt, (1984-2007) 8 0861 Lance Corporal
Goss, Anthony, SgtMaj, (1982-2013) 13 1345 Lance Corporal
Hudgins, George, LCpl, (1982-1988) 33 3300 Lance Corporal
Jeleniewicz, Joe, LCpl, (1983-1987) 35 3533 Lance Corporal
Manley, Richard, LCpl, (1982-1988) 13 1345 Lance Corporal
McCollum, Anthony, MGySgt, (1982-2009) 8 0811 Lance Corporal
Morrison, Doug, LCpl, (1983-1987) 8 0847 Lance Corporal

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