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The BVA was established in 1992 by Beirut veterans who wanted a fraternal organization. They were dedicated to keeping the memories alive of those comrades who paid the supreme sacrifice in supporting America's quest for peace in Lebanon.They chose "The First Duty is to Remember" as their motto. Membership is open to all military members who served in Lebanon and with supporting units at sea, family members of veterans and next of kin. Please see our "join" page for further Membership options. 


The History of Lebanon is one of years of violent tumult mixed with centuries of peace. An ancient county, it's roots go back to the first sailors of the world. The United States Marine Corps made it's first visit in 1861 and it's last, very recently in 2006.

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looking for Beirut Veterans to attend a Ceremony at Dobbins AFB, in Georgia
Date Event
May 19, 2011

Please get the word out!!!!!!!!!!! We are looking for Beirut Veterans to attend a Ceremony at Dobbins AFB, in Georgia (just above Atlanta), June 5th at 1400 hrs. at Bldg 838 Bay 2. There will be a ceremony in which Col. Alfred W. Studwell (Ret) will receive the Air Medal for his heroic action on October 23 1983. The Col and two other Airforce Doctors were the first Med Evac team to fly into Beirut offering medical assistance. Col. Studwell after loading the aircraft with those seriously injured was on the first flight out of Beirut and care for them while in flight to Germany. He retired never receiving any award or mention of his services to the injured unlike the other 2 Doc's and the aircraft flight crew. This over site was recognized when for the first time he attended the 25th Rememberance Ceremony at Jacksonville, NC. The pilot Maj. Bunker and Col. Timmithy Gereghty have since righted the wrong and he will now be awarded the Air Medal. Mrs. Studwell has requested that the BVA find any of those who were flown out with her husband on that flight to please be there and attend if possible, as it would mean so much to Col. Studwell. I have spoken to him on several occasions about that flight. He is humbled by those injured and the strength they still showed even though seriously injured.

If you feel you can attend please contact me ASAP at or  or call (678)655-4796  to RSVP you will need the number of people in party attending and the last 4 digits of your SSN.


Semper Fi,
Bill Thompson
USMC  "82-90"
Beirut-Grenada Vet
BVA Life Member
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