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Current Service Status
USMC Active
Current/Last Rank
First Sergeant
Current/Last Primary MOS
8999-Sergeant Major/First Sergeant
Previously Held MOS
0331-Machine Gunner
0369-Infantry Unit Leader
8511-Drill Instructor
Current/Last Unit
2007-Present, 8999, 2nd Marine Regiment/1st Bn, 2nd Marine Regiment (1/2)
Service Years
1994 - Present

First Sergeant


 Official Badges 

Brown Belt French Fourragere

 Unofficial Badges 

Drill Instructor

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  2004-2006, 8511, 1st Recruit Training Bn /Bravo Co

From Month/Year
- / 2004
To Month/Year
- / 2006
Bravo Co Unit Page
Staff Sergeant
8511-Drill Instructor
Not Specified
United States
 1st Recruit Training Bn /Bravo Co Details

1st Recruit Training Bn /Bravo Co
Garrison - Training Commands
Parent Unit
1st Recruit Training Bn
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Not Specified

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2010
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Bravo Co

Huizar, Martin, GySgt, (1997-Present) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
Amancio, Christopher, 1stSgt, (1997-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Castaneda, Mario, GySgt, (1997-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Coan, Damien, SgtMaj, (1996-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Harris, William, MGySgt, (1989-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Hill, Jason, GySgt, (1994-2010) 8511 Staff Sergeant
JACKSON, ANTONIO, GySgt, (1994-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Quinnie, Demetrius, 1stSgt, (1996-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Newlin, Melvin, SSgt, (2001-2012) 8511 Sergeant
Pettit, Bennie, CWO2, (1999-Present) 8511 Sergeant
Reyes, Rudy, SSgt, (2001-2007) 8511 Sergeant
Strum, Scott, MSgt, (1994-Present) 8511 Sergeant
Jenkins, Luis, SSgt, (2000-Present) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Soetaert, Brandon, SSgt, (2002-2008) 0911 Staff Sergeant
Ascher, Charles, Cpl, (2006-Present) 521 Private 1st Class
Biggs, Brandon, Cpl, (2006-Present) 521 Private 1st Class
Cano, Richard, Sgt, (2004-2009) 521 Private
SLATER, ANDREW, Sgt, (2006-Present) 521 Private
Benson, Ryan, Maj, (1995-Present) 3 0302 Captain
Byrnes, Kevin, SSgt, (2003-2013) 99 9971 Private 1st Class
Wilson, Aaron, LCpl, (2006-2008) 70 7051 Private 1st Class
Basney, Robert, Cpl, (2005-2011) 57 5700 Private
O'Dell, Dathan, Sgt, (2004-Present) 3 0300 Private
Isaacson, Gregory, CWO2, (1993-2008) Staff Sergeant
Jemal, Daniel, Sgt, (2003-2008) Private 1st Class
Steimer, Austin, Cpl, (2006-2010) Private 1st Class
Anderson, Joshua, SSgt, (2004-Present) Private
Danecki, Andrew, Sgt, (2006-Present) Private
Figueroa, Cabir, Sgt, (2006-Present) Private
1st Recruit Training Bn

Alexander, Marshall, MGySgt, (1988-Present) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
Anderson, Shaun, GySgt, (1993-Present) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
DELACRUZ, MANUEL, MSgt, (1990-2009) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
DELACRUZ, MANUEL, MSgt, (1990-2009) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
Etheridge, Timothy, 1stSgt, (1989-Present) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
Houchins, Jeffrey, GySgt, (1988-2009) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
Mortimer, Sam, CWO2, (1995-Present) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
Reed, Christopher, SgtMaj, (1992-2014) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
Suniga, Fred, MSgt, (1995-Present) 8511 Gunnery Sergeant
ALTAMIRANO, JOHNNY, 1stSgt, (1998-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Cantrell, Rodney, GySgt, (1991-2008) 8511 Staff Sergeant
EVANS, RONALD, GySgt, (1992-2012) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Giannettino, Eric, WO, (1997-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Gomez, Cristo, GySgt, (1995-2008) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Hollon, James, SSgt, (2000-2012) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Horsley, John, GySgt, (1997-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Kern, Brent, CWO3, (1989-2012) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Leibfried, Alex, 1stSgt, (1992-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Leibfried, Alex, GySgt, (1992-2008) 8511 Staff Sergeant
LOPEZ, ANDREW, SSgt, (2001-2008) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Maranan, Jaylon, GySgt, (1994-2014) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Martinez, Marcos, GySgt, (1997-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Matthews, Roy, 1stSgt, (1994-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Moreno, Josiah, MSgt, (1997-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Ramirez, Jamie, GySgt, (1996-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Sandercock, Adam, 1stSgt, (1993-Present) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Sumner, Chuck, SSgt, (1996-2010) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Sutton, David, GySgt, (1994-2013) 8511 Staff Sergeant
Blaz, Dan, GySgt, (1998-Present) 8511 Sergeant
Cervantes, Julio, SSgt, (1996-Present) 8511 Sergeant

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