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This a private military community heritage website created and administered by retired US Marine Corps personnel. In accordance with regulations covering all websites which are not government websites, neither the United States Marine Corps, Department of the Navy, Riverside National Cemetery, Department of Veteran Affairs or the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this web site. All information provided is provided without warranty and should not be used specifically as a reference or endorsement of any specific product or service.

Upon attending a funeral service for a fellow Marine at the Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside Calif., MSgt Wesley Morrett, USMC (Ret) was appalled there was no Military Honor Guard in attendance! Not wanting to see a repeat for other veterans deserving Military Honors, he ran an ad in the local newspaper calling for a few good Marines! Fourteen responded and seven remained to make up the nucleus of an all Marine Honor Detail!

The first meeting established the name of the detail--Semper Fi #1, the uniform to be worn dress blues and the duty day! A high school student volunteered to be the bugler and was outfitted in an ROTC Marine uniform! No more barely audible canned taps being played while the Marines preformed the full Military ceremony the veteran deserved!

As of December 2001, the Marine detail is approaching 40 members and has conducted over 500 Memorials Services! Much has been accomplished! An 11 1/2 minute award winning video was made and will be used for recuitment when Congressional Bill (HR 247) eventually goes into effect promoting units like Semper Fi #1 being established at the 131 National Cemeteries across our nation!

Semper Fi #1 received status as a 501(c)3 Non-profit, tax exempt organization from the U.S. Government and State of California in 2002.

"It's has been an honor and privilege to be with men and women who have served in our Corps from WWII to Desert Storm and are willing to serve again." - Wesley Moret, Msgt(ret)

Our team has performed over 1500 individual services since its inception in 1998 and grown to over 70 active members performing over 24,000 man hours.  We have three teams, Blue, Gold and Scarlet,  and a special events team which performs ceremonies and services for parades and ceremonies when available.

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Blue Team (Riverside, CA) Scarlet Team (Riverside, CA)
Gold Team (Riverside, CA, CA)

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Mar 20, 2010 King High Remembers
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